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Benefits of cycling and walking ‘outweigh air pollution risk’ in cities

Cycling and Walking
Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianStudy finds only 1% of cities in world have such high levels of pollution that the activities could prove detrimental to health The health benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the harm from inhaling air loaded with traffic fumes in all but the world’s most polluted cities, according to […]

Shortest lunar month of 2016 starts May 6

Originally Published by EarthSkyWhat is a lunar month? It’s just the duration between successive new moons. It’s also called a lunation or synodic month. Although the lunar month has a mean period of 29.53059 days (29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes), the actual length varies throughout the year. We list the lengths of the […]

Off the hook: can a new study in the Pacific reel in unsustainable fishing?

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianThe Nature Conservancy-funded program will test how new hook designs and other practices could reduce bycatch while keeping the fishing business lucrativeA sustainable fishing experiment in the Pacific – in pictures Within seconds of being hauled onto the Shen Lain Cheng, a 79-foot tuna fishing boat from China, the […]

Germany to give €1bn subsidy to boost electric car sales

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianElectric car buyers will receive €4,000 when they choose a purely electric vehicle and €3,000 for a plug-in hybrid Germany will subsidise electric car purchases to give a jolt to sluggish growth in the sector and help meet national climate goals with zero-emission mobility, the government said Wednesday. Car […]

Sea-level rise summit coincides with flooding risks in south Florida due to the moon, high tides and inclement weather

A map of the Bahamas showing Florida and Nassau.
Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyJust as parts of South Florida are bracing for potential risks of flooding in low-lying areas due to the close proximity of the moon, high tides, sea-level rise and inclement weather, researchers are bringing together professionals from the private and public sectors to help identify solutions and […]

Houston in state of emergency amid deadly floods

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianTexas governor Greg Abbott declares state of disaster in nine counties as heavy rain hits infrastructure and leaves five dead The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has declared a state of emergency in and around Houston after unprecedented flooding inundated homes, closed major highways and left at least five […]

First comprehensive estimation of particle number concentrations carried out in five European cities and for the whole of Europe

dirty city
Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyParticle numbers across the whole of Europe and especially in five European cities have been estimated with help of modelling. On the basis of the comprehensive overall picture produced by the results, it is possible to assess the harmful effects of particles on health considerably better than […]

Attack of the holly leaf miner

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianAcres Down, New Forest These flies are seldom seen, but they leave their mark on every holly leaf they attack. Topic: Biodiversity, Ecosystems

Waking supervolcano makes North Korea and West join forces

Originally Published by New Scientist – – New ScientistRare example of collaboration with isolationist regime’s researchers helps reveal secrets of one of the world’s largest volcanoes Topic: Disasters, Technology

Record Balkan floods linked to jamming of giant airstreams

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth ScienceDisastrous floods in the Balkans two years ago are likely linked to the temporary slowdown of giant airstreams, scientists found. These wind patterns, circling the globe in the form of huge waves between the Equator and the North Pole, normally move eastwards, but practically stopped for several days then […]