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OCEANS ’15 to Focus on Changing Oceans and Emerging Opportunities

A satellite image of coastal waters. Image Credit: NASA

The OCEANS ’15 conference in Washington, D.C., will showcase a vast collection of ocean research and technology.

Weather, Risk, and Searching for Normal in a Rapidly Changing World

A storm brews over the Great Plains. Image Credit: Theresa Bauman for Universities Space Research Association

How will we adapt to climate change and increasingly severe storms if humans aren’t very good at interpreting risk?

Greenhouse gas blamed for ‘climate expulsion’ driving temperature rises across Pacific nations

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianAustralian Bureau of Meteorology study finds temperatures across 13 Pacific nations will keep climbing, even with radical cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.  

‘Hoff crab’ gets formal scientific name

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & EnvironmentA hairy Antarctic crab that was dubbed “The Hoff” when it was first found in Antarctic waters gets a formal scientific description and name.

Japan plans unilateral restart to Antarctic whaling in 2015, says official

Japan Whaling
Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianJapan says it plans to resume whale hunts in the Antarctic later in 2015 even though the International Whaling Commission says Tokyo has not proven the mammals need to be killed for research.

A Little Fish with Big Impact In Trouble on U.S. West Coast

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360Scientists are concerned that officials waited too long to order a ban on U.S. Pacific sardine fishing that goes into effect July 1. The dire state of the sardine population is a cautionary tale about overharvesting these and other forage fish that are a critical part of the marine food […]

‘A deaf whale is a dead whale': US navy sonars could be cause of strandings

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianMarine researchers speculate noise pollution in the Pacific is disrupting whales’ vital abilities to hear and migrate – and driving them ashore at an alarming rate  

Coral reefs defy ocean acidification odds in Palau

Hannah Barkley
Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyWill some coral reefs be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions in Earth’s oceans? If so, what will these reefs look like in the future? As the ocean absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide released by the burning of fossil fuels, its chemistry is changing. The carbon dioxide […]

Seaweed colonizing ice-free parts of Antarctica

South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. Image credit: David Stanley/Flickr
Originally Published by EarthSkyNewly ice-free areas exposed by glacial retreat in Potter Cove, Antarctica, are being colonized by seaweed. With glaciers melting, the original white, mostly lifeless Antarctica is now becoming darker and lively with seaweed. These macroalgae not only produce oxygen for marine species through photosynthesis but also serve as the base of the […]

Great Barrier Reef marine reserves combat coral disease

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyA new and significant role for marine reserves on the Great Barrier Reef has been revealed, with researchers finding the reserves reduce the prevalence of coral diseases. It’s been known for some time that marine reserves are important for maintaining and enhancing fish stocks, but this is […]