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‘Nightmare’ California oil spill damages rare coastal ecosystem

Oil Spill
Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianActivists say accident is soiling Gaviota coast, a Mediterranean-climate region of which there are only five in the world, and will be closed off for weeks or months Continue reading…

Pacific ‘blob’ is changing weather patterns

Originally Published by EarthSkyA pup lies with older sea lions at the Coast Guard Pier in Monterey, California March 17, 2015. Animal rescue centers in California are being inundated with stranded, starving sea lion pups, raising the possibility that the facilities could soon be overwhelmed, the federal agency coordinating the rescue said. Photo credit: Reuters/Michael […]

Mitigating effects of xenon emissions

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth ScienceThe world’s experts in nuclear explosion monitoring teamed up with pharmaceutical producers from across the globe in Brussels, Belgium, from 12 to 14 May 2015, to address a growing challenge to nuclear test monitoring.

Learning to See the Forest for the Trees: Using a Health Index to Communicate Change


Public perception of what constitutes a “healthy” forest influences support (or lack thereof) for management policies, yet accessible, regional information about forest conditions is not always readily available. A new index helps address this gap.

Do nano-sunscreens harm sea life?

Water Sunscreen
Originally Published by EarthSkyImage via Researchers in China and California have released a new study further suggesting the possibility that nanoparticles in sunscreens are not healthy for creatures that live in the water. Their study focuses on sea urchin embryos and shows that nanomaterials in sunscreen and on boat-bottom paints make these sea animals […]

How rivers regulate global carbon cycle

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyRiver transport of carbon to the ocean is not on a scale that will solve our carbon dioxide problem, but we haven’t known how much carbon the world’s rivers routinely flush into the ocean, until now. Scientists calculated the first direct estimate of how much and in […]

Surface deformation from the Nepal Quake

Originally Published by Google Earth BlogWe recently came across this article about a map from NASA that shows the deformation caused by the recent earthquake that struck Nepal. The above map can be downloaded and viewed in Google Earth using this KMZ file.

Climate drives new era in Arctic sea

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & EnvironmentChanges in the Arctic Ocean are so profound that the region is entering what amounts to “a new era”, according to Norwegian scientists.

Seafloor sensors record possible eruption of underwater volcano

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyIf a volcano erupts at the bottom of the sea, does anybody see it? If that volcano is Axial Seamount, about 300 miles offshore and 1 mile deep, the answer is now: yes.

Invasive lionfish discovered in Brazil

1.17414_Lionfish_MBL_ MCB_PeixeLeao4b
Originally Published by Nature News and CommentLionfish have overwhelmed ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean over the past three decades, eating or out-competing native species in what has been called the worst marine invasion ever. Now the fish seem to have extended their range to South America.