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Condor Conservation in Three Dimensions

A tagged California condor. Image Credit: James Sheppard

Can gadgets and processors save endangered species? Advances in biotelemetry combine with the power of supercomputing to keep California condors safe.

Revolutionary tidal fence is set to trap the sea’s power


Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian A British company has announced plans for an array of unique marine turbines that can operate in shallower and slower-moving water than current designs. Topic: Oceans, Technology

Lightning reshapes rocks at the atomic level

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyA lightning strike can reshape a mineral’s crystal structure, according to a new study. Researchers once believed only meteorites could do so. Topic: Technology

El Niño conditions growing stronger

Originally Published by EarthSkyIn March 2015, scientists declared that El Niño conditions – marked by warm sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific – had developed. Topic: Climate

As Ocean Waters Heat Up, A Quest to Create ‘Super Corals’


Originally Published by Yale Environment 360 With the world’s coral reefs increasingly threatened by warmer and more acidic seas, scientists are selectively breeding corals to create species with the best chance to survive in the coming century and beyond. Are genetically modified corals next? Topic: Biodiversity, Oceans

Native Alaskans Study and Clean Up a Legacy of Pollution

Originally Published by NYT > Environment On St. Lawrence Island, a former military listening post in the Bering Sea, native residents and scientists believe pollution has contributed to their poor health. Topic: Sustainability, Technology

Nemo seems to thrive in waters warmed by climate change

Originally Published by New Scientist – EarthA species of clownfish has been shown to grow bigger in warmer conditions, suggesting that some animals may benefit from global warming Topic: Oceans

Reproducible research for biofuels, biogas


Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily New research presents a virtual package of data for the production of biogas, which is promising for use in biofuels. Biogas is the production of methane through the anaerobic digestion (fermentation) of organic matter. The work here provides not only an enormous amount of, freely available, […]

Synthetic Coral Could Remove Mercury Pollution From Ocean, Researchers Say

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360Chinese researchers have constructed a type of synthetic coral that could help remove toxic heavy metals like mercury from coral reefs. Topic: Oceans

Glimmer of hope: Fertile corals discovered in deeper waters off US Virgin Islands


Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily Researchers discovered a threatened coral species that lives in deeper waters off the US Virgin Islands is more fertile than its shallow-water counterparts. Topic: Oceans