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Seaweed Farms in South Korea

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryAlong the southern coast of the Korean peninsula farming doesn’t always happen on land.

Vast magma reservoir found hiding beneath Yellowstone park

Originally Published by New ScientistA massive chamber holding enough magma to fill the Grand Canyon more than 11 times over is hiding beneath the steaming volcanic system of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We knew of a smaller magma chamber closer to surface, holding some 10,000 cubic kilometres of magma and feeding heat upwards. The […]

Pacific Walrus and Coastal Alaska Native Subsistence Hunting: Considering Vulnerabilities from Ocean Acidification

By Katya Wassillie Eskimo Walrus Commission Melissa Poe University of Washington An Ocean Way of Life Life in Alaska Native coastal communities revolves around the ocean and all that it provides. For thousands of years, Iñupiaq, Central Yup’ik, Cup’ik, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, and Aleut communities along Alaska’s Bering and Chukchi seas have depended on […]

Dot Earth Blog: An Extraordinary Time-Lapse View of the Eruption of Chile’s Calbuco Volcano

Originally Published by NYT > EnvironmentA potent volcanic eruption in Chile lights up the sky and the Web.

This Year, Earth Day Is All About the Oceans

blue planet intro 3
Originally Published by Take PartAs Earth Day approaches, TakePart is taking to the oceans in a weeklong series of stories, videos, and infographics that offer an in-depth look at the daunting challenges facing the planet’s life-support system. Quite bluntly, the world’s oceans are at a tipping point. Acidification due to climate change is destroying coral reefs, crucial habitat […]

Earth Day: what does a world responding to climate change look like?

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianTo celebrate Earth Day, we would like you to get creative and share your posters, paintings and photos that show a world addressing climate change Continue reading…

Using Poetry to Promote Science

April 22 is internationally recognized as Earth Day, and the theme for Earth Day 2015 is “It’s Our Turn to Lead.” With April also being National Poetry Month National Poetry Monthin the United States, it’s an excellent month to look at the how the interface between art, science and poetry can be used to inspire interest […]

Winter Blooms in the Arabian Sea

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryWaters of the Arabian Sea are witnessing a sea change in the composition of its tiny inhabitants.

Warm Water and Strange Weather May Be Connected

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryTemperature anomalies in the eastern Pacific Ocean are both influencing and being influenced by unusual weather patterns. The effects are rippling through the marine environment.

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill five years on – in pictures

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianThe massive 2010 oil spill continues to affect the gulf coast of Louisiana, where the health and livelihood of small fishers and oystermen have wanedLouisiana five years after BP spill: ‘It’s not going back to normal no time soon’ Continue reading…