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Growing corals bathe themselves in acid without suffering damage

Originally Published by New Scientist – EarthA coral reef has been seen raising the acidity in the water around it, suggesting that corals may survive ocean acidification caused by climate change Topic: Oceans

Cod’s Continuing Decline Linked to Warming Gulf of Maine Waters

Originally Published by NYT > EnvironmentA new study finds that drastic cuts in fishing quotas have not helped cod recover because rising temperatures have also decreased reproduction and increased mortality. Topic: Oceans, Sustainability

Nano power grids between bacteria

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyMicroorganisms in the sea organize their power supply via tiny power-cables, thus oxidizing the greenhouse gas methane. Topic: Oceans, Technology

Shhh… to make ocean conservation work we should keep the noise down

Originally Published by environmentalresearchweb: all contentQuiet areas should be sectioned off in the oceans to give us a better picture of the impact human generated noise is having on marine animals, according to a new study published in Marine Pollution Bulletin. Topic: Oceans

World’s corals threatened by bleaching


Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment Corals worldwide are at risk from a major episode of bleaching caused by natural currents and man-made climate change, scientists warn. Topic: Oceans

Shark summit examines new and old deterrents after spate of attacks

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianNSW premier Mike Baird convenes top scientists in bid to understand animals’ behaviour after recent surge of attacks on state’s north coast Eight great white sharks have been tagged off the coast of northern New South Wales in the last six weeks as part of a program aimed at […]

A more acidic ocean will bend the mermaid’s wineglass


Originally Published by environmentalresearchweb: all content New research from the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories shows that a more acidic ocean can weaken the protective shell of a delicate alga. Topic: Oceans

Tag data queries fishing boundaries

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & EnvironmentData from electronic tags is revealing complex behaviour in fish populations, raising questions about current fisheries management policies. Topic: Oceans

NOAA awards $2.1 million to improve observation, forecasting, and mitigation of harmful algal blooms and hypoxia

Originally Published by NOAA12 projects to aid coastal resilience, safeguard the public, ecosystems and coastal economies Topic: Oceans

Tourists Thwart Turtles from Nesting in Costa Rica

Originally Published by NYT > EnvironmentDuring the first weekend in September, day-trippers swarmed the beach in Costa Rica that serves as a nesting ground for Olive Ridley sea turtles, becoming a cautionary tale for conservationists, not to mention a social media sensation. Topic: Oceans