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Winter Blooms in the Arabian Sea

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryWaters of the Arabian Sea are witnessing a sea change in the composition of its tiny inhabitants.

Warm Water and Strange Weather May Be Connected

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryTemperature anomalies in the eastern Pacific Ocean are both influencing and being influenced by unusual weather patterns. The effects are rippling through the marine environment.

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill five years on – in pictures

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianThe massive 2010 oil spill continues to affect the gulf coast of Louisiana, where the health and livelihood of small fishers and oystermen have wanedLouisiana five years after BP spill: ‘It’s not going back to normal no time soon’ Continue reading…

‘Lost’ turtles don’t go with flow

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & EnvironmentA new tracking study shows that young sea turtles make a concerted effort to swim in particular directions, instead of drifting with ocean currents.

Sea sponge anchors are natural models of strength

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyThe Venus’ flower basket sea sponge has hair-like appendages that hold it in place on the sea floor. Researchers show that the internal structure of those fibers is fine-tuned for strength. The findings from this natural system could inform the engineering of load-bearing structural members.

Wiring the world below

Originally Published by The EconomistTHE planet arrogantly dubbed “Earth” by its dominant terrestrial species might more accurately be called “Sea”. Seven-tenths of its surface is ocean, yet humanity’s need to breathe air and its inability to resist pressure means this part of the orb is barely understood.

A decade in, have Australia’s no-take reserves protected life on the Reef?

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Originally Published by EurekAlert!The expansion of no-take marine reserves (NTMRs) within Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park more than a decade ago is working to protect fish just as experts had hoped it would, say researchers who have been monitoring the reef via underwater surveys. The findings, reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology […]

Shell-shocked: Ocean acidification likely hampers tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean

Originally Published by EurekalertA University of Colorado Boulder study shows a ubiquitous type of phytoplankton — tiny organisms that are the base of the marine food web – appears to be suffering from the effects of ocean acidification caused by climate change.  

Swirls of Color in the Yellow Sea

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryThe Yellow Sea is among the most turbid and dynamic ocean areas in the world.

Amazon rainforest and Great Barrier Reef need better care, say scientists

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianResearch published in journal Science shows local protection of three world heritage sites is too weak and leaves them at risk of ‘unfolding diaster’ Continue reading…