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Hundreds of manatees congregate in Florida refuge to escape chilly seas

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianA popular Florida wildlife refuge has been closed to swimmers, thanks to an influx of hundreds of manatees. Topic: Ecosystems, Oceans

Seeing the Reef for the Corals

Originally Published by NASA Earth ObservatoryStudying corals from above could help scientists understand how these critical ecosystems will weather a changing climate. Topic: Oceans

All Stirred Up in the Arabian Sea


Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory Winds in southwest Asia mix dust into the atmosphere and seed a striking bloom in the sea.

Where’s best to clean up ocean plastic?

Originally Published by environmentalresearchweb: all contentChinese coast and Indonesian Archipelago could be more efficient removal sites than Great Pacific garbage patch Topic: Oceans

Deep-water ocean circulation, marine biodiversity and climate change

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyA direct link has been shown between the greatest increase in Phanerozoic marine biodiversity and the onset of a sudden icehouse. The onset of sudden icehouse conditions during the Mid Ordovician was an abrupt change in climate. Prior to this, Earth was exposed to a prolonged super-greenhouse […]

Great Barrier Reef water quality under threat without urgent funding – report

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian Queensland report calls for corporate and philanthropic funding to help cut water pollution as a bulwark against climate change Governments will need to move faster and find more money to meet “ambitious” targets of cutting pollution in Great Barrier Reef waters, a Queensland government taskforce has found. Related: […]

337 whales dead in Chile in one of history’s biggest beachings

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianBiologist reports discovery made in June during observation flight over Patagonia region, as cause of whales’ death remains unknown. Topic: Oceans

El Niño warming causes significant coral damage in central Pacific

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyCurrent El Niño conditions in the Pacific Ocean have created high water temperatures that are seriously damaging coral reefs, including those on Christmas Island, which may be the epicenter for what could become a global coral bleaching event, report scientists. Topic: Oceans

Growing corals bathe themselves in acid without suffering damage

Originally Published by New Scientist – EarthA coral reef has been seen raising the acidity in the water around it, suggesting that corals may survive ocean acidification caused by climate change Topic: Oceans

Cod’s Continuing Decline Linked to Warming Gulf of Maine Waters

Originally Published by NYT > EnvironmentA new study finds that drastic cuts in fishing quotas have not helped cod recover because rising temperatures have also decreased reproduction and increased mortality. Topic: Oceans, Sustainability