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Vermont Law School: The Ethical Dimensions of Energy Policy

The human use of energy has profound moral and ethical implications, raising issues that can only be answered by considering notions of justice. Earthzine science writer Osha Gray Davidson blogs about these crucial issues while on a fellowship at the Vermont Law School.

China at Crossroads: Balancing The Economy and Environment


Originally Published by Yale Environment – After three decades of unbridled economic growth and mounting ecological problems, China and its new leadership face a key challenge: cleaning up the dirty air, polluted water, and tainted food supplies that are fueling widespread discontent among the country’s burgeoning middle class.

World is on brink of ‘carbon bubble’

Al gore pic

Originally Published by The Guardian – Gore and partner David Blood call on companies to ‘do their fiduciary duty’ and identify carbon risks in their portfolios.

One-Third of World’s Food Goes to Waste

food waste

Originally Published by Environment News Science — One-third of all the world’s food is wasted every year at enormous economic and environmental cost, finds a United Nations report released Wednesday.

China must manage the conflict between coal and water

Coal WRI

Originally Published by The Guardian — New coal-fired power plants in water-stressed regions could threaten water security for China’s farms and communities.

Investors in agriculture ignore environmental risks at their peril

wheat farming
Investors in agriculture ignore environmental risks at their peril Originally published by The Guardian – A new report on the environmental risks faced by agriculture spells out risk factors for investors and food companies.

Australia’s ‘unpopular’ carbon price isn’t to blame for Labor’s poor polling

Originally Published by The Guardian – Claims that Julia Gillard’s unpopularity were linked to her introduction of carbon pricing in 2012 don’t stack up.

Tigers gobble up 49 percent of India’s wildlife conservation funds, more imperiled species get nothing

Originally Published by MongaBay – The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is currently listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List; however India is also home to 132 species currently considered Critically Endangered, the highest rating before extinction.

Energy-Efficient Mortgages now widely available in the US

Originally Published by The Ecologist – EEMs can offer significant savings over time with just a minimal increase in the purchase price of a home.

Europe’s Plan for GPS Limps to Crossroads

Satellite-tracking dishes in Italy. Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York Times
Satellite-tracking dishes in Italy. Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York TimesOriginally Published by the NY Times – With lofty dreams of European unity increasingly grounded by economic woe and the weight of narrow national interests, an array of computer screens here in central Italy blinks with faint signs that Europe’s often quarreling nations can still sometimes find common cause.