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No Refuge: Tons of Trash Covers The Remote Shores of Alaska

Originally published by Yale Environment 360 – A marine biologist traveled to southwestern Alaska in search of ocean trash that had washed up along a magnificent coast rich in fish, birds, and other wildlife. He and his colleagues found plenty of trash – as much as a ton of garbage per mile on some beaches.

World’s largest urban bat colony

Bat colony in Austin, TX. Credit: Pam Rice Phillips. Originally published by EarthSky – The Congress Avenue bridge in downtown Austin is the spring and summer home to some 750,000 bats with up to 1.5 million bats at the peak of the bat-watching season. It’s the largest urban bat colony in North America.

Shark ‘nursery’ found on coral reef

Originally published by BBC – Edinburgh marine biologists discover a deep-sea shark spawning ground on Scotland’s only inshore coral reef.

Could the world’s biggest marine sanctuary be declared in the Antarctic?

Originally published by the Guardian – Proposals will go before a commission next month to help protect thousands of species in Antarctic waters.

Exploring Antarctica

Photo of antarctica.
Photo of antarctica.Originally Published by The Washington Post – The frozen landscape, dry valleys and active volcanoes that make up Antarctica provide a living laboratory for scientific study and a wondrous journey for those traveling to the ends of the Earth.

New Red List to focus on ecosystems rather than species

Originally Published by New Scientist – We may be living through the sixth great extinction. Rather than trying to preserve individual species, should we be focusing more of our efforts on saving entire ecosystems?

Laguna Verde

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory – High in the Andes Mountains in Argentina, this salt lake hosts microbes that give the lakes distinct colors.

A Dynamic Landscape, a Dynamic Sensor

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory – The Cascade Mountains and nearby forests and lakes provide a good test of the visual range of the new LDCM satellite.

The Human Dimension of Thetford Forest

Satellite imagery of Thetford Forest. Credit: NASA
Satellite imagery of Thetford Forest. Credit: NASAOriginally Published by NASA Earth Observatory – To celebrate Earth Day, Earth Observatory released a series of five puzzlers. Except for Thetford forest, all showed landscapes relatively untouched by human society.

Island of Ibiza, Spain

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory – Nightlife, ecological beauty, and history make the island a popular tourist destination.