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Environmentalists wary of India’s plan to intervene in publishing of smog data

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian Concerned activists say government plan to analyse pollution figures for capital Delhi before they are released to the public is way to bury bad news Continue reading…

A six-state California faces a water war

Originally Published by New Scientist – An audacious plan to split California into six pieces is unlikely to succeed, but may force the state to tackle its water woes head-on.

Vermont Law School: The Ethical Dimensions of Energy Policy

The human use of energy has profound moral and ethical implications, raising issues that can only be answered by considering notions of justice. Earthzine science writer Osha Gray Davidson blogs about these crucial issues while on a fellowship at the Vermont Law School.

Climate unity dealt blow as Australia and Canada take issue with US stance

Originally Published by The Guardian – The Australian and Canadian prime ministers have suggested that economic growth is more important than tackling climate change, playing down the prospects of strong co-ordinated global action.

Earth Day 2014: Celebrating the Built Environment

Home: Earth from the International Space Station. Image Credit: Ron Garan/NASA
Can cities really be “green?” They have to, if we are to build a sustainable society. The role of the “built environment” is the theme of Earth Day 2014.

How Politics Buries Science in Landslide Mapping

Originally Published at NBC News – The six geologists were just starting their work, climbing the mountains of Western North Carolina to map the debris left behind by landslides over millions of years, when the political footing gave way beneath them. Opposition had been building from real estate agents, from home builders planning subdivisions, and then from politicians. When all that energy was released, the science was crushed flat.

Interpol Targets Criminals Who Subvert Carbon Markets

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Interpol Targets Criminals Who Subvert Carbon MarketsOriginally published by Environment News Service (ENS) – LYON, France, August 12, 2013 – Securities fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, money laundering and cybercrime – the intangible nature of the global carbon trading markets puts them at risk for exploitation by criminal networks, according to a new law enforcement guide produced by Interpol.

Policy change could enable hydroelectricity to compensate for wind-power variability

Originally published by Environmental Research Web – If hydroelectric dams are to be used to compensate for the variability of wind generation across the electrical grid, there needs to be greater co-operation between policymakers in the energy and water sectors, according to researchers in the US.

Marshall Islands calls for leadership from Australia on climate change

Originally published by The Guardian – Vice-president of Pacific island nation says more needs to be done to avoid countries being swamped by rising sea levels.

Obama’s Climate Action Plan: Highlights and Reactions

President Obama at Georgetown University. Credit: White House. Originally published by Environment News Service – “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” declared President Barack Obama today at Georgetown University, taking aim at climate change deniers as he laid out his National Climate Action Plan. “As a President, as a father, and as an American, I’m here to say we need to act.”