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East Valley Water District partners with Esri

Since trading in paper maps for digital ones, the East Valley Water District has been able to monitor its infrastructure and customer water use more efficiently.

Is missing nitrogen hiding out in plant roots?

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Study tracks fertilizer destinations in Mississippi River basin

New generation of high-efficiency solar thermal absorbers developed

Researchers are one step closer to developing a new generation of low-cost, high-efficiency solar cells. The structure is one of the world’s first examples of a tri-layer metasurface absorber using a carbon interlayer.

‘Biblical’ moth influx threatens to devastate crops

Scientists have learned that cabbage and cauliflower crops could potentially be “devastated” by an infestation of moths from continental Europe.

CO2 injected deep underground turns to rock – and stays there

Carbon dioxide rapidly turns into solid carbonates when injected into basalt rocks. Done on a massive scale it could help limit climate change

Pharmaceuticals in streams may come from multiple sources

Pharmaceuticals in surface water such as lakes and streams are a growing concern. They can cause developmental and other health issues in aquatic life. Scientists have largely considered treated wastewater that’s released into the environment as the main source. Now researchers reveal other possible sources.

More is better: Diversity, number of soil animals determine leaf decomposition in the forest

Small animals that decompose fallen leaves in the forest form complex food webs and are essential to a functioning ecosystem. A study comprising over 80 forests in Germany and on Sumatra (Indonesia) has now shown that two factors particularly influence this function when examined over larger landscapes: the number of animals and their species diversity. In previous studies, the connection between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning had been investigated mostly in small test areas.

Bacterial research may lead to less polluted waters

Phosphorus is a crucial nutrient regularly applied to crops such as corn and soybeans to help them grow efficiently. However, excess phosphorus can be carried by rainwater runoff into lakes and streams, creating potential problems for aquatic environments and the ecosystem services they provide to humans.

Europe floods: Seine could peak at six metres as Louvre closes doors

Bodies found in France and Germany, villages flooded and roads wrecked amid forecasts of more deluges and rising watersEurope flooding: have you been affected?

Coral bleaching solution could be just beneath the surface

A ‘lifeboat’ for coral reefs could lie in deeper mesophotic coral ecosystems.