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An All Wind, Water, and Solar Grid Will Be Stable Without Batteries

Originally Published by IEEE Spectrum Recent ContentThe U.S. electrical grid could rely completely on solar, wind, and water power, and existing low-cost methods of storing energy—rather than than giant battery farms—could help make up for the erratic nature of the sources of that electricity, researchers say. Topic: Sustainability, Technology

Grow your own way

wheat farming

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth Science A new study co-authored by an MIT economist suggests that international trade will do little to alleviate climate-induced farming problems. Instead, the report indicates that countries will have to alter their own patterns of crop production to lessen farming problems and even then, there will be significant net […]

New camouflage mechanism fish use in the open ocean


Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily Fish have a remarkable way to hide from their predators using camouflage techniques. A new study shows that fish scales have evolved to not only reflect light, but to also scramble polarization. Researchers identified the tissue structure that fish evolved to do this, which could be […]

World’s largest ocean cleanup operation one step closer to launch

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianReal life trials of a groundbreaking array designed to clean up the vast plastic island in the Pacific are due to begin next year after successful tests of a prototype in the Netherlands   Topic: Oceans, Technology

Galileo satellites set for year-long Einstein experiment

Originally Published by ESA Top NewsEurope’s fifth and sixth Galileo satellites – subject to complex salvage manoeuvres following their launch last year into incorrect orbits – will help to perform an ambitious year-long test of Einstein’s most famous theory. Topic: Technology

Space debris poised for fiery reentry

Originally Published by EarthSkySmall object WT1190F. It will become the first chunk of space debris whose time and location of re-entry has been predicted. This image, acquired October 9, is from the University of Hawaii’s 2.2 meter telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Image via B. Bolin, R. Jedicke and M. Micheli. Since 1957, when Sputnik […]

Scott Kelly’s Year in Space


Originally Published by EarthSky You think gravity wears you down? Try 12 months without it. Topic: Technology

Green public housing may reduce health risks from environmental pollutants

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyLow-income housing residents who live in ‘green’ buildings that are built with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features appear to have fewer ‘sick building’ symptoms than residents of traditionally constructed low-income housing, according to a new study. Topic: Sustainability, Technology

Einstein ring helps weigh a black hole

Originally Published by EarthSkyA gravitational lens happens when astronomers on Earth look toward a huge galaxy or galaxy cluster, so massive that its gravity distorts any light passing near. The massive object acts like a lens in space, spreading the light out, often to produce multiple images of a more distant object that happens to […]

Graphene’s Killer App? Measuring Electrical Resistance


Originally Published by IEEE Spectrum Recent Content Research suggests the material could be great for fundamental calibrations. Topic: Technology