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Science, Science Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink: Three Solutions for an Outdated System

Scientific research should be primarily driven by the need to serve society. This article focuses on water as an example, although the solutions proposed could apply to many other fields.

Leaky wells, not fracking, polluted US drinking water

Originally Published by New Scientist – The act of fracking is probably not contaminating US drinking water – the real problem is leaks from the wells that bring natural gas to the surface

Do dams destroy rivers?

Originally Published by The Guardian – Ultimately dams change rivers. The degree to which they change and the negative impacts on humans and nature depend on how large they are, how they are built and managed and where they are located.

Tracking Snow: The Cryosphere in an Era of Climate Change

Matthew Sturm. Image Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A new generation of weather satellites is helping researchers gain insights into the complex relationship between the cryosphere – the planet’s cold regions – and the climate. With drinking water supplies dwindling around the world, understanding the cryosphere is becoming a front-burner issue.

How to stop toxic blooms clogging up Lake Erie

Originally Published by New Scientist – Parts of Ohio were without drinking water for several days after toxic bacteria built up in Lake Erie. The challenge now is to stop it happening again.

A six-state California faces a water war

Originally Published by New Scientist – An audacious plan to split California into six pieces is unlikely to succeed, but may force the state to tackle its water woes head-on.

Scotland announces 30 new marine protected areas

Originally Published by The Guardian – Tranche of sites doubles the size of Scottish marine reserves, covering cliffs in Caithness and deep ocean seabeds.

US drought to deplete Lake Mead to levels not seen since 1930s

“> Originally Published by The Guardian – Drought in the south-western US will deplete the vast Lake Mead this week to levels not seen since Hoover Dam was completed and the reservoir on the Colorado River was filled in the 1930s, federal water managers said Tuesday.

The most polluted rivers and streams in Europe

Originally Published by New Scientist – Europe’s rivers are awash with organic chemicals that can kill or subtly harm aquatic life, according to the most extensive survey yet of freshwater pollution.

Historic Release of Water Aims to Restore a Once-Lush Landscape in the Colorado River Delta

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory image of the Morelos Dam on the Colorado River at the Arizona-Mexican border by Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey.
In a concerted effort to remediate the ecosystems along the channel of the Colorado River, Mexico and the United States recently reached a historic agreement to release water from the Morelos Dam at the Arizona-Mexico border. This ‘pulse flow,’ is intended to reach the Colorado River Delta for the first time in 50 years.