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Economic growth and climate action is not possible explains the BBC’s Andrew Simms.

Earth Information Systems/Capacity Building – Harnessing the power of volunteers, the internet and Google Earth to collect and validate global spatial information

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Image of urban flash flooding in Arlesey, U.K, 2004. Photo by Malcolm Campbell.

Cropped image of the results of global land cover disagreement in both cropland and forest areas, based on an analysis of three existing land cover products: GLC-2000, MODIS and GlobCover.Do you want to participate in a really big project? is looking for volunteers in the global Earth observation community to validate, augment and even disagree with existing spatial information and to aid in the collection of new information through the powerful resource of crowd sourcing. In recent years the ability to collect spatial information from volunteers has greatly expanded through the combination of Google Earth, geo-tagged photos and the Internet. So whether you are a confluence hunter, a geographer, or simply a Very Observant Person (VOP), you may be able to contribute important in-situ data about global land cover to