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OBSERVE Ends, Two Projects Qualified to Benefit the Balkan Area

A Black Sea Catchment map from the enviroGRIDS project.
The OBSERVE project has officially ended, with a final event held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in October 2012. The program has fulfilled all of its obligations and delivered more results and deliverables than those agreed to initially by the European Committee and the project’s coordinator.

Presentation of the OBSERVE competition, the winners and their work

A Slide from the presentation of the second award-winning work. Map synthesis using commercial software.
The Earth observation community recognized students from Greece and Slovenia for their work during an event at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The competition helps bring OBSERVE closer to its goal of creating a permanent Earth observation community.

Dissemination of OBSERVE activities through Multimedia and Multilingual Material

A sample of a multilingual flyer in Greek.
After two years, OBSERVE is hosting its final event in Thessaloniki, Greece, and has produced several outreach items on its activities.

An Executive Summary of the OBSERVE Roadmap and Strategy Plan Report

Screenshot of the Hellenic NSDI website.
While there are many roadblocks to continued Earth Observation activities in the Balkan Region and surrounding area, the future geospatial development of the region can be ensured through detailed planning and a strategic roadmap.

Presentation of the OBSERVE Gap Analysis Report: An Executive Summary

Figure showing participation of related organizations in EO activities in the Balkan countries. Source: All images via Observe website.
Providing visual models of Earth Observation activities in the Balkans helps to produce a roadmap and strategy plan for strengthening EO capacity in that area, and create a broader EO Community.