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Rita Colwell: Keeping Her Aim on Cholera

Photo of Rita Colwell
photo of rita colwellWhen cholera killed hundreds living in coastal towns and epidemics were linked with sea travel, newspaper cartoons at the turn of the century depicted the disease as a ferocious sea monster poised to attack fishermen resting on the docks. Today, the disease is still a scourge that claims hundreds of thousands of lives in developing countries every year.

Teaming Drought with Wildfires: EU Researchers Suggest New Data for Forest Weather Index

ASTER image acquired September 4 over the western coast of the Peloponnesus Peninsula. In the Bands 6-3-1 composite, burned areas appear in dark red, and unburned vegetation is green. Credit: NASA/GSFC/METI/Japan Space Systems, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team.
A photo of a post-forest fire pine plantation (Mediterranean forest) taken in 2005, in Sestri, Genova. Credit: Dr. Andrea Camia (EC-JRC) .The European Commission has created a web-based fire warning and assessment portal known as the European Forest Fires Information System, or EFFIS. The site provides comprehensive forest fire information aimed at a wide audience in all 27 European Union member states. Researchers are now exploring the integration of drought data as an improvement.