Monitoring Superstorms Leading to Better Understanding of Effects

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As the climate changes, superstorms are becoming more common. Earthzine staff explore how severe weather affects people and how remote sensing can change our understanding of storms. Earthzine’s latest monthly focus topic comes as spring begins to brighten the northern hemisphere. For the month of March, our focus topic articles center on superstorms – massive storms that effect millions of … Read More

Groundwater Mapping and Investigations in the U.S. Help Decision-Makers Better Understand Water Resources

Kelley Christensen2016 Monthly Focus Topics, Original

In Georgia, California, and Montana, groundwater research helps leaders make data-driven decisions about water management. Earthzine’s February 2016 monthly focus topic centers on mapping and investigating groundwater. Humans have been drilling and using wells for centuries, but it’s only recently we’re beginning to understand how groundwater systems interact with surfacewater and stormwater, as well as functioning as an integral aspect … Read More