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Controlling Invasive Aquatic Weeds in Michigan’s Waterways Requires Interdisciplinary Approach

Michigan researchers use remote sensing, hydrodynamic modeling and ecological observation to monitor the control of invasive Eurasian watermilfoil in the Great Lakes.

Cross-Fertilization and Collaboration are Crucial in a Modern World, Says National Academy of Sciences President

Marcia McNutt, president of the National Academy of Sciences, advocates for interdisciplinary collaboration and discusses the importance of having scientists at the table when policy is made in an exclusive interview with Earthzine.

The Three Musketeers: Making an Impact in French Remote Sensing and Breaking Down Gender Barriers

Three French scientists in remote sensing discuss overcoming barriers at work and the opportunities for future generations.

Book Review: Rise of the Rocket Girls

“Rise of the Rocket Girls” is a fascinating history of the women computers and engineers at NASA and their contributions to the agency despite historic gender discrimination.

Dispatches from Oceans ’16: Understanding Oceans in the Face of Climate Change

Increasing understanding of the oceans as the climate changes will require attention to robotics, prediction, security and innovation. Monterey, California – At the plenary session on Sept. 21, 2016, speakers Marcia McNutt and Jon White called on the assembled scientists and engineers to step up public understanding of oceans and involvement in policy agenda setting. […]

Dispatches from Oceans ’16: Exploring Other Oceans

How the field of AUV research is growing rapidly and breaking through barriers posed by ocean research. Monterey, California – How autonomous underwater vehicles are fundamentally changing the way humans are exploring the ocean was the focus of the first plenary session at Oceans ’16. “For most of us our view of the ocean has […]

International Maritime Organization Keeps Oceanic Shipping Sustainable

A quick look at the U.N.’s International Maritime Organization and its work in ocean stewardship.

When Fishing Becomes Harvesting: Tracking Fish Aggregating Devices to Reduce Pollution, Poaching

Satellite tracking of Fish Aggregating Devices helps island states govern waters, collect ocean data.

How an Instagram Feed, Next Generation Satellite Imagery and Open-Access Data Are Changing the Way We See the Planet

Daily Overview creator Ben Grant, using images from DigitalGlobe, hopes to foster a sense of stewardship for the planet.  Even the most casual Instagram viewer scrolling through images is likely to stop when a Daily Overview appears on the screen. Daily Overview images beg examination, a second look to determine what exactly is happening in the […]

Monitoring Superstorms Leading to Better Understanding of Effects

As the climate changes, superstorms are becoming more common. Earthzine staff explore how severe weather affects people and how remote sensing can change our understanding of storms. Earthzine’s latest monthly focus topic comes as spring begins to brighten the northern hemisphere. For the month of March, our focus topic articles center on superstorms – massive […]

Investigating Groundwater in Montana Informs State Water Policy Decisions

The Ground Water Investigation Program at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology seeks to provide answers to communities about the status of local groundwater. This article was updated on March 1st, 2016. As in many western states, officials in Montana have long been concerned with water. Montana’s landmass is the size of Japan, and […]

Groundwater Mapping and Investigations in the U.S. Help Decision-Makers Better Understand Water Resources

In Georgia, California, and Montana, groundwater research helps leaders make data-driven decisions about water management. Earthzine’s February 2016 monthly focus topic centers on mapping and investigating groundwater. Humans have been drilling and using wells for centuries, but it’s only recently we’re beginning to understand how groundwater systems interact with surfacewater and stormwater, as well as […]