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Imaging Earth: Utilizing Advances in Earth Observation

Improvements in satellite and computing technology mean we can collect much more Earth observation data than ever before. Utilizing that data is a challenge we’re still working on, however.

Serving Students with the MyCOE/SERVIR Global Fellowship Program

The SERVIR group has partnered with the My Community, Our Earth program to provide resources, training, and funding to students in four regions of Africa and Asia for work on climate-centered geospatial projects.

Rise of the Hackathon

Education and problem-solving benefit from the increasing use of hackathons, which are multi-day collaborative coding events. Popular among students, hackathons also have been put to use to tackle big data and sustainability.

Believe in Millennials

Earthzine intern Sarah shares her thoughts on her generation’s role in dealing with climate change.

‘What We Know’ aims to be ongoing drumbeat toward addressing climate change

A new climate report website aims to reinforce the facts of climate change and encourage discussion about the best steps to address it.

Social Earth Observation – Blog Edition

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite blogs on Earth observation and remote sensing.

SERVIR-Africa: Sharing Data for Member Benefit

The SERVIR-Africa partnership with RCMRD promotes an increase in data sharing among RCMRD’s member nations. A flood modeling system that will help member states anticipate and prepare for flooding is in its pilot stages.

The Big Thaw: Warming Affects Arctic Animals, People in Different Ways

Discussions of climate change often focus on mid-latitude effects in order to emphasize the need for action. However, climate change and ensuing ice melts are quickly devastating Arctic mammals and native peoples of the Arctic.

Health Fears Prompt Crowdsourced Ocean Radioactivity Tracking Site

A new website by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) aims to collect ocean water samples from the public, along with donations to test them for radioactivity.

Snuggling up with Science Reporters at the AAAS Meeting

Earthzine Science Writer Sarah Frazier recently attended the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago. The science on display ranged from the finer nuances of climate change impacts to sweeping surveys of the American population and grand plans for pandemic preparedness across the globe.

IEEE announces 4th Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in October 2014

The fourth-annual IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) will take place 10-13 October 2014 in Silicon Valley, California.

SERVIR partnership increases capabilities of Himalaya regional organization ICIMOD

SERVIR continues to put resources into the hands of local experts through its newest partnership with regional Himalaya development organization ICIMOD. With supplemental resources from SERVIR, ICIMOD has increased capacity in its member states and developed a forest fire monitoring system based on satellite data.