Call for Papers: Socioeconomic Benefits

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2015 Quarterly Theme, Issue 4

Sept. 12, 2015-March 21, 2016

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Earthzine, an IEEE-sponsored online scientific publication, is soliciting articles of 800 to 3,000 wordsåÊfor itsåÊfourth 2015 quarterly theme.

NASA and Iowa Flood Center staff install instrumentation in eastern Iowa for the IFloodS campaign. Image Credit: Aneta Goska / Iowa Flood Center, NASA

NASA and Iowa Flood Center staff install instrumentation in eastern Iowa for the IFloodS campaign. Image Credit: Aneta Goska / Iowa Flood Center, NASA

From forecasting extreme events and natural disasters to assessing or projecting ecosystem impacts, Earth observations can help to solve many of the social and economic challenges across the globe. This theme aims to highlight examples of how Earth observations are used to directly benefit society. åÊ

Specific topics of interest for this theme include:

  • Using Earth observations in issuing public safety advisories
  • Use of mobile phone apps for distribution of Earth observation data
  • Current GEO value projects
  • Collaborations and partnerships among governments, businesses and other stakeholders
  • Information to improve maritime transportation
  • Prototypes of visualizations, maps and user-oriented tools
  • Other novel approaches to using Earth observation data for socio-economic benefits.


Numerous scientific research and engineering communities have identified improving human living conditions as vital for advancing scientific applications. Consider for example, IEEE’s tagline ‰Û÷Advancing Technology for Humanity.’ Earth observations play a critical role in this goal by providing information on a variety of spatial and temporal scales required for informed decision-making. By aligning data availability with user needs, Earth information can help address issues from human health and security concerns to reducing poverty. Earthzine’s ‰ÛÏSocioeconomic Benefits: Using Earth Observations to Address Society’s Needs‰Û theme will explore the technologies, research åÊand outreach that help bring Earth observation data into use beyond the scientific sector.

We invite you to submit an article and become part of a growing, professionally diverse community and global readership network. Submissions must be in English. Submit inquiries and articles to Managing Editor Jeff Kart

We seek contributions from relevant disciplines and all regions of the globe. These can address current and emerging research issues, approaches, techniques or applications; community, state, and/or international initiatives; and other topics related to regional and global science, impacts, adaptation and policy. Submissions should include two to three visuals relevant to the content. Visuals may be graphs, charts, photographs or other appropriate images, with caption and credit information included.

Important dates:åÊSubmissions for the Socioeconomics Benefits Theme will be accepted untilåÊMarch 21, 2016.

Publication:åÊAll accepted contributions willåÊundergo reviewåÊby subject-matter experts, be published online atåÊ, and be freely accessible to the public. Earthzine does not charge authors for publishing.

Please consult ouråÊWriter GuidelinesåÊfor further information; pay careful attention to the need for topics, region, interest level and tags required for each submission.


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