Cyclone "Is A Sign Of Things To Come"

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As Burma still struggles to regain its feet after the devastating Nargis cyclone, a top Indian advocacy group that monitors climate change warned that the cyclone is “a sign of things to come.”

Curious Cloud Formations Linked To Quakes

adamDisasters, Weather, Would You Believe?

Following the discovery of distinctive cloud formations above an active fault in Iran before each of two large earthquakes occurred, geophysicists Guangmeng Guo and Bin Wang of Nanyang Normal University in Henan, China are investigating whether the two phenomena are somehow linked.

Particle Smasher "Not A Threat To the Earth"

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Campaigners in the US are attempting to delay the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider – the world’s most powerful particle smasher – with a lawsuit claiming it could spawn dangerous particles or mini black holes that will destroy the entire Earth.

Mediterranean's 'Horror' Tsunami May Strike Again

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The survivors of a tsunami that killed thousands living on the shores of the Mediterranean in AD 365 called it the “day of horror”. Worryingly, history may be due to repeat itself, say geologists who have located the source of the wave.