A new green Enlightenment will define our age


Originally Published by New Scientist – Far from being anti-science, environmentalism is the future in a world of finite resources and global perils, concludes Joachim Radkau in The Age of Ecology.

Birds’ migration secrets to be revealed by space tracker


Originally Published by Focusing on Wildlife – Small birds, butterflies, bees and fruitbats will be fitted with tiny radio transmitters and tracked throughout their lifetimes from space when a dedicated wildlife radio receiver is fitted to the International Space Station next year.

China wetlands shrank 9% in a decade


Originally Published by The Guardian – China’s wetlands have shrunk nearly 9% since 2003, forestry officials said on Monday, aggravating water scarcity in a country where food production, energy output and industrial activity are already under pressure from water shortages.

Mapping a Decade of Change in the Earth’s Forests

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global forest map

forest image For the first time, researchers have brought together more than decade of changes in forests around the planet in a single map. Based on 20 terapixels of data obtained by Landsat 7 ETM+ acquired between 2000 and 2012, the map reveals patterns on local, regional, continental, and global scales.

People or Parks: The Human Factor in Protecting Wildlife

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Originally Published by Yale Environment- Recent studies in Asia and Australia found that community-managed areas can sometimes do better than traditional parks at preserving habitat and biodiversity. When it comes to conservation, maybe local people are not the problem, but the solution.

EU fish quotas rise in line with sustainable reforms

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Originally Published by the Guardian – The amount of fish that can be caught in Europe within scientifically recommended levels inched upwards under a deal made in Brussels on Wednesday, but campaigners said the agreement still marked only “tepid” progress towards sustainable fishing.

India’s Dangerous ‘Food Bubble’

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etso showcase Originally Published by Environment News Service – India is now the world’s third-largest grain producer after China and the United States, due to the adoption of higher-yielding crop varieties and the spread of irrigation. But the water that irrigates three-fifths of India’s grain harvest comes from wells that are starting to go dry.

Deforestation: 10 hot spots on Google Earth


Originally Published by The Guardian – Earth has lost more than half a million square miles of forest between 2000 and 2012. Analysis of 650,000 satellite images, published in the journal Science, reveal the extent of loss and recovery – Brazil’s success in the Amazon is offset by deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Zambia and Angola.

Forests could face threat from biomass power 'gold rush'


Originally Published by The Guardian- Britain’s new generation of biomass power stations will have to source millions of tonnes of wood from thousands of miles away if they are to operate near to their full capacity, raising questions about the claims made for the sustainability of the new technology.