Coal Is No Longer On Front Burner

adamEnergy, Politics

Signaling a potential slowdown in America’s coal addiction, construction of more than 50 proposed coal-fired power plants in 20 states were either canceled or delayed in 2007.

Whatever Happened to Wind Energy?


Stanford researcher Cristina Archer and retired physicist and renewable energy skeptic Howard Hayden dispute the pros and cons of the potential for wind energy in the United States.

The Economics of Nuclear Power

adamEconomy, Energy

A report authored by international energy and economic experts titled “The Economics of Nuclear Power” suggest that nuclear power is neither a practical nor economically viable solution to energy concerns in today’s climate change charged atmosphere.

New Nuclear Plants Get Go-Ahead


The UK government has announced it will back the constuction of a new generation of nuclear power plants – to be constucted by private firms – amidst opponents’ concerns regarding cost, safety and nuclear waste disposal.

Synthetic Fuel From a Solar Collector

adamEnergy, Technology, Would You Believe?

Researchers from the US Department of Energy have created a device called the Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator (CR5), which can create hydrogen from water and sunlight and can also split carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon monoxide that can be used to create synthetic hydrocarbon fuels.

Alaska Oil Exploration To Begin

adamEcosystems, Energy

In the race between the preservation of pristine wilderness and large profits, the latter once again take precedence as the US federal government announces it will be accepting bids for oil and gas exploration rights in the Chukchi Sea off the Northwestern coast of Alaska.

Oil Price At Record $100 A Barrel

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Violence in Nigeria, Algeria and Pakistan, coupled with a weak US dollar and fears of cold weather have prompted oil prices to rise to $100 a barrel for the first time in history.

Biofuels, the Biggest Scam Going

adamAgriculture, Energy

Jim Goodman of the Organic Consumers Association bursts the bubble on biofuels, highlighting their dubious renewability, environmental damage, and inability to meet potential demand.