Using Sensorweb Technologies to Monitor Flooding in Thailand

EarthzineESTO Showcase 2013, Original

sensor web photo In a collaboration of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute of Thailand, sensorweb technologies are being used to enhance monitoring of flooding in Thailand. This Thailand Flood Sensorweb utilizes automation techniques to detect flooded areas, alert interested parties, and deliver imagery.

Wideband Sensor Technologies for Measuring Surface Snow

EarthzineESTO Showcase 2013, In-Depth, Original

wideband sensor The authors have developed a novel broadband antenna technology that enables remote sensing measurements over the X- to Ka-band microwave spectrum from a single aperture. The antenna technology is integrated with an airborne X- and Ku-band synthetic aperture radar and K-and Ka-band radiometer for measuring the spatial distribution of surface snow.

Analyzing Tropical Waves Using the Parallel Ensemble Empirical Model Decomposition Method: Preliminary Results from Hurricane Sandy

EarthzineESTO Showcase 2013, Original

satellite" To reveal multiscale processes from high-resolution, multidimensional Earth science data, we have developed the parallel version of the ensemble empirical model decomposition (PEEMD) method with a three-level parallelism. In this study, we illustrate the performance of the PEEMD in extracting tropical wave components from idealized tropical wave solutions and large-scale environmental flows associated with Hurricane Sandy.