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Rita Colwell: Keeping Her Aim on Cholera

Photo of Rita Colwell
photo of rita colwellWhen cholera killed hundreds living in coastal towns and epidemics were linked with sea travel, newspaper cartoons at the turn of the century depicted the disease as a ferocious sea monster poised to attack fishermen resting on the docks. Today, the disease is still a scourge that claims hundreds of thousands of lives in developing countries every year.

Alex Steffen says Earth Observation is part of Worldchanging

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Picture of Alex Steffen, co-founder of Worldchanging.Alex Steffen, keynote speaker at the IEEE Professional Communication Society conference at the University of Cincinnati, says small steps can result in big changes, and we need to better educate the public on scientific findings that demonstrate the need for action.

Sorting Out India’s Soot Situation: A Conversation with Jayaraman Srinivasan

Image of Jayaraman Srinivasan, chair of the Divecha Centre for Climate Change in Bangalore. Source: Indian Institute of Science.

image of Jayaraman SrinivasanEarthzine speaks with Jayaraman Srinivasan, the climate modeler tapped to lead India’s Black Carbon Research Initiative, on the scientific and political context for research on soot and its role in glacial melting and climate change.

A Beautiful Earth Educates and Inspires

Photo of Kenji Williams with images of the Earth. Photo Credit: Wade Sisler, NASA

Photo of Kenji Williams with images of the Earth. Photo Credit: Wade Sisler, NASANASA launches the Beautiful Earth project to inspire and educate students, teachers and the public with images and videos of Earth from space, to the backdrop of music by Kenji Williams.

Putting Earth Observation Data to Work: The EuroGEOSS Broker (Max Craglia interview)

Illustration of Brokering Framework. Source: EuroGEOSS

image of max craigliaThe first step in making sense of the processes and events that impact the Earth is to observe and analyze them. The next step is to share those observations and analyses with your peers in the context of a shared infrastructure. Today, however, there are dozens of such shared infrastructures, each with its own set of policies, terms and protocols. How can all this information be shared?

An Interview with Alberto Moreira, President of GRSS

Image of Alberto Moreira, IEEE-GRSS PresidentDr. Alberto Moreira, president of the IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society, has a dynamic vision for remote sensing that is now, he says, in its golden age. In this far-ranging interview, he talks about the early days of remote sensing, the field’s contributions to GEOSS, and humanity’s responsibilities to Earth.

The Challenges Of Water And Climate In Asia

cropped image of Arjun ThapanMr. Arjun Thapan is Special Senior Advisor to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) President for Infrastructure and Water. ADB, based in Manila, is dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific through inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration. In this opinion essay, he discusses Asia’s impending water crisis, exacerbated not just by the environmental consequences of economic and population growth, but now also by climate change.

Tom Wiener on the IEEE’s World Vision and Work with GEO

Image of Tom WeinerIEEE joined the ad hoc Group on Earth Observations in 2004 to help define an entirely new and “virtual” structure, a Global Earth Observation System of Systems. When completed, GEOSS will provide a framework for Earth observation data collected worldwide by thousands of instruments and in-situ methods. This vast cache of information will be catalogued and made accessible through functional interoperability to ensure that everyone in the world can use it—for free or minimal cost. In this Earthzine interview, Dr. Thomas F. Wiener, Chair of the IEEE Committee on Earth Observation, discusses how IEEE’s involvement with GEO has grown.

A Surprising Side-Effect of Climate Change: A Fog of Confusion

Eiffel Tower in the fogRecent changes in public opinion appear contrary to the growing empirical evidence that climate change will have significant impact to human society. In their essay, Drs. Jean-Louis Fellous and Catherine Gautier describe the thickening fog of climate skepticism and put forth a remedy for clearing the air.

Judith Curry On the Credibility of Climate Research

Cropped portrait photo of Judith CurryJudith A. Curry, Ph.D. is professor and chairperson of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research interests include remote sensing, climate of the polar regions, atmospheric modeling, and air/sea interactions. The Op-Ed posted here addresses her views on what has become a global controversy about climate science. Her stated aim is to stimulate constructive debate by this essay about the critical scientific research on climate, and about the roles and responsibilities of scientists. Comments are welcome on this and every Earthzine article.