Pass the Salt: Monitoring Gulf of Mexico Near-Shore Salinity with NASA Earth Observations

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Team Location: John C. Stennis Space Center, Stennis, Mississippi Authors: Shelby Barrett (William and Cary University) Jamie Thompson (University of Southern Mississippi) Maria Arguelles (University of Miami) Mentors/Advisers: Joe Spruce (Computer Sciences Corporation, Stennis Space Center) Kenton Ross, Ph.D. (NASA, DEVELOP National Science Advisor) Ross Reahard (DEVELOP Stennis Center Lead) Jason Jones (DEVELOP Stennis Assistant Center Lead) Past/Other Contributors: Aaron … Read More

Mapping and modelling urban growth and its impact on the hydrology of urban watersheds with satellite imagery

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Figure 3: Average daily rainfall (shaded and units of millimeters) from June-August (200-2006) composited for days with weak atmospheric forcing (lef). The 5 mm contour is shown in blue and the yellow boxes represent the mean upwind (left box), city (center box), and downwind (right box) regions. Lightning flash anomalies (May to September, 1995‰ÛÒ2003) on days dominated by weak atmospheric forcing (right) in Atlanta, Georgia. Image sources: [4] and [5], respectively.

FIG4 A recently concluded research project called MAMUD investigated how high and moderate resolution satellite imagery can be used for mapping and modeling urban growth and its impact on the hydrology of the urban and suburban environment. The paper focuses on research methods, major findings, and work carried out on the Greater Dublin Area in Ireland.

Fostering Environmental Awareness from a Young Age: A Case Study from the IGES Art Contest

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The 2011 First Place Winner: ‰ÛÏFrom Rain to Sunshine‰Û by Larry Huang, Grade 3, Washington. All images courtesy IGES.

The 2012 First Place Winner: "Wetlands: A Heaven of Wildlife" by Phoebe Chiu, Grade 3, Ohio.The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies’ annual art contest serves as a prime example of integrating art and science in the classroom. Students benefit from the practice of visually sharing what they know. Instructors are able to tailor their lessons based on the artistic renderings of students.

Rita Colwell: Keeping Her Aim on Cholera

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Photo of Rita Colwell

photo of rita colwellWhen cholera killed hundreds living in coastal towns and epidemics were linked with sea travel, newspaper cartoons at the turn of the century depicted the disease as a ferocious sea monster poised to attack fishermen resting on the docks. Today, the disease is still a scourge that claims hundreds of thousands of lives in developing countries every year.

Reporting on European Forest Fragmentation: Standardized Indices and Web Map Services

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Christine Estreguil1, Giovanni Caudullo1, Daniele de Rigo1,2, Ceri Whitmore1, Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz1 (1) Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Forest Resources and Climate Unit, T.P.261, 21020 Ispra (VA), Italy,,,, ceri whitmore, (2) Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Via Ponzio 34/5, 20133 Milano, Italy, ABSTRACT This paper responds to the need for improved reporting … Read More