Earthzine at OCEANS Seattle

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Oceans Seattle

Earthzine’s consecutive fifth year of live coverage at OCEANS will continue in Seattle beginning October 27th, 2019. Hari Vishnu, Editor, EarthzineOctober 24, 2019Want to stay updated with the latest stories from one of the largest gatherings of leading global innovators, analysts, and producers of marine technology, research, and education ? Want to know what happened at the OCEANS conference, but … Read More

Earthzine resumes operations

Hari VishnuEditorial, Oceans conferences

Science news e-magazine Earthzine resumes operations in 2019 with revamped website and renewed coverage of Earth/Ocean science events. Watch out for our coverage of the Oceans 2019 conference at Marseille, and Mentorship theme articles.