Hammering Out Our Differences

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tree_and_earth_cut.jpg “We have not met, yet I feel I know you well enough to call you friend.” So begins the letter to a Southern Baptist pastor that E.O. Wilson weaves into a riveting account of the peril posed by the extinction of life in The Creation: An Appeal To Save Planet Earth.

Data quality for GEOSS: condicio sine qua non.

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Cropped Image of Launch of a stratospheric balloon for Envisat atmospheric composition instruments validation in Kiruna, SwedenIn the last decade, the value of Earth Observation (EO) to society has significantly grown among both the public at large and policy makers worldwide. As presented in a recent article on Earthzine (Scanning the Globe) the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is coordinating efforts to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems, or GEOSS.

Big Years for the Heliosphere

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svalbard antennas croppedThree interlocking international science years – International Polar Year, International Heliospherical Year, and the Electronic Geophysical Year – are inspiring intense global collaboration and coordinated investment. Earthzine takes a close look at one of its core programs, Heliosphere Impact on Geospace, thatÌÄå_s spinning out a blizzard of new data on Earth’s geomagnetic phenomena.

Earth Observation, Global Perspective

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Flowers in a meadow The next state of equilibrium during which humans will live in balance with the Earth’s ecosystems depends on the choices we make today. In turn, those choices are influenced by the way we view Earth. Daily, we each make decisions that impact our environment; collectively our actions affect the health and well being of Earth. Individually and collectively, we have the power to influence our environment and therein resides our hope for future generations.

Scanning the Globe: Standards and New Publications Focus on Earth Observations

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Small Image of scientists attempting to launch a weather balloonIt has become clear in recent years that human beings need to be much more careful in how we develop the Earth’s resources if that development is to be sustainable for future generations. To support sustainable development, in turn, we need to know the present state of the Earth and the impact of our activities. Measuring that impact and sharing the results with decision makers around the world is the goal of a major international scientific effort, the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

Straight Talk on Climate Communication and Earth Observation: A conversation with Dr. Jerry Mahlman

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Cropped image of Dr. Jerry MahlmanAn expert on the behavior of the upper atmosphere, Mahlman led the development of one of the first global climate models, for which he received the American Geophysical Union’s Carl-Gustav Rossby Medal, its highest honor. Mahlman chaired the Earth System Science and Applications Advisory Committee for NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth program in the 1990s and was involved in the founding of the IPCC; He created the so-called betting odds scheme used by IPCC to evaluate uncertainty and was a reviewer of the Working Group I report for IPCC’s 2007 assessment.