The Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative [ELTI]: Inspiring Leaders to Conserve Tropical Forests and Biodiversity

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Cropped image of Filipino representatives from local government units and NGOs discuss forest carbon project development.The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama joined forces in a novel initiative to improve the management and protection of tropical forests in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Unlike most training programs, which focus on the people who manage or work in protected areas, ELTI pursues a different group for its workshops: policymakers, community officials, indigenous leaders and managers of working landscapes.

Education Around Earth – Under the Sea at the Top of the World

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Cropped image of the frost flower project cutting a hole in the ice.  Come with us as we go ‰ÛÏUnder the Sea at the Top of the World‰Û and visit the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium (BASC) in Barrow, Alaska. BASC brings together a unique blend of scientists, native people, and centuries of Earth observing experience in a coordinated effort of research and education from above the ice to the sea floor below!

Education Around Earth – Ocean Literacy for a Blue Planet

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Cropped image of children playing with seaweed at a pool.Ocean and aquatic sciences remain among the most underrepresented disciplines in K‰ÛÒ12 educational curricula. Rarely taught at any level, concepts about the ocean, the coasts or the Great Lakes infrequently appear in K‰ÛÒ12 curriculum materials, textbooks, assessments or standards. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is working to help educators bring ocean sciences into the classroom.

United Nations Decade for Education and Sustainable Development

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Cropped image of school children smilingFor the past few months, students and Earthzine readers from around the world have been discussing sustainability during the 2009 Earthzine Student Essay Competition. According to Earthzine’s Associate Editor for Education, Dr. David F. Mullins, “Educators need to think in the broadest of strokes when they envision sustainability. As the students’ essays and blogs pointed out, sustainability is understood differently in different parts of the world. Sustainability is about social and cultural forces as much as it is the environment. And, that’s exactly what UNESCO has found at the midpoint of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.”

And The Winners Are…

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Image of the Earthzine Logo Student Essay Competition LogoThe 2009 Student Essay Competition Sustainability through Earth Observation and Engineering is pleased to announce the winners:

First Place $500 to David Tshimba, Uganda Martyrs University, Kampala, Uganda for

‰ÛÏBy Trying to Solve a Problem, Human Beings Have Now Created a New Issue‰Û

Second Place $250 to Sulaiman Tejan Jalloh, Institute of Advanced Management and Technology, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa for


Third Place $150 to Benjamin-Axel Mugema, Uganda Martyrs University, Kampala, Uganda for

‰ÛÏSustainability: From Modernity to Humanity‰Û

More details available inside

Finalists for the 2009 Student Essay Competition Sustainability through Earth Observation and Engineering

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Image of te Earthzine Student Essay Contest logoRead the essays here! Earthzine’s 2009 Student Essay Competition is GREAT! We received essays from around the world from students who discussed issues like marine ecosystems, environmental exploitation, human ecology, and ecological activism. Now it’s the readers’ turn to be involved in the student essay contest. We’ve posted the top seven essays as determined by a panel of judges. Now it’s your turn to select the winner. Authors will be fielding questions in a blog on their essays. Winner’s will be announced on December 21st. Let’s all join in and support these terrific students in the final stage of the 2009 Student Essay Competition!

Education Around Earth – Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of 4 Crops with a Geographic Information System

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Cropped image of a cotton bollFor centuries, maps have stirred imaginations and inspired explorations of the unknown. For the past 40 years, GIS has quietly transformed everyday decision making in academia, government, nonprofit, and in business through the manipulation of satellite imagery, maps, graphs, databases, and multimedia in a decision-making framework. Agriculture was one of the first fields to embrace GIS, applied to everything from precision agriculture to invasive weed eradication to sustainable practices.