And The Winners Are…

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Image of the Earthzine Logo Student Essay Competition LogoThe 2009 Student Essay Competition Sustainability through Earth Observation and Engineering is pleased to announce the winners:

First Place $500 to David Tshimba, Uganda Martyrs University, Kampala, Uganda for

‰ÛÏBy Trying to Solve a Problem, Human Beings Have Now Created a New Issue‰Û

Second Place $250 to Sulaiman Tejan Jalloh, Institute of Advanced Management and Technology, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa for


Third Place $150 to Benjamin-Axel Mugema, Uganda Martyrs University, Kampala, Uganda for

‰ÛÏSustainability: From Modernity to Humanity‰Û

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Victor Sunday and Onyemachi Praise K. C.'s "Environmental Monitoring, Mapping and Protection of Erosion Site in Parts of South Eastern Nigeria: A Case Study of Umuahia in Abia State"

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University of Port Harcourt logoVictor Sunday and Onyemachi Praise K. C. from Nigeria’s University of Port Harcourt present an essay for Earthzine’s 2009 Student Essay Contest in which they explain the detrimental effects of erosion in southeast Nigeria, and how environmental monitoring, mapping and protection of erosion sites in the zone has risen awareness and helped prevent future problems.