Category: OpEd

AQUA, Our Water Planet

Guest Editor Peter Neill discusses Earthzine’s second quarterly theme of 2016, Ocean Stewardship.

UN Negotiators Speak Up for Our Ocean

Work begins on a high seas governance treaty that could lead to major marine protections.

Hope in the Face of Nature’s Fury

Existing and emerging Earth observing technologies can help us be ready for the unexpected.

Hope in Our Final Hour

As the world shifts around us, we face one last chance to turn it all around. We’re uniquely suited to face this challenge; all we need now is the courage to act.

Traveling for Change

Increased opportunities for education, travel and cultural exchanges can unite our planet.

Our Deadened, Carbon-Soaked Seas

Originally Published by NYTimes Ocean and coastal waters around the world are beginning to tell a disturbing story. Topic: Oceans

The Ethics of Traditional Knowledge Exchange in Climate Change Initiatives

An essay exploring the ethical philosophy behind Guidelines for Considering Traditional Knowledges in Climate Change Initiatives.

The Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity

Originally Published by New York Times Op-Ed It’s not just the heat; it’s also the humidity. Together, they can be lethal, even if the heat doesn’t seem quite so extreme. Topic: Weather

Learning to See the Forest for the Trees: Using a Health Index to Communicate Change

Public perception of what constitutes a “healthy” forest influences support (or lack thereof) for management policies, yet accessible, regional information about forest conditions is not always readily available. A new index helps address this gap.

Why Indigenous Voices Matter

Peoples of the Arctic hunted polar bears, using their fur and flesh for clothing and food, and weave the creatures throughout their cultural narratives. Bear populations are now declining as a result of environmental changes. Image Credit: Susanne Miller, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Native voices are important. Our lifeways are tied to local surroundings, making us the first environmental refugees, and our cultural stories have embraced sustainability long before the term entered public discourse. To add your voice, consider a submission to an Earthzine theme about Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Change.