Wildfire Management – Recent Experiences on the Ground and how Remote Observation can add to the Picture

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For all the recent progress in Earth Observation technologies, wildfires remain a serious problem that poses ever-increasing challenges to our ingenuity. Minimizing their often-dramatic environmental and human impacts will require a smart combination of technology, political decision, and willingness to accept changes in our own individual and collective options as societies. In order to show how fire hazard is threatening many parts of the world on a recurrent basis, details are provided on the recent severe 2013 fire season in Portugal, along with background information on remote sensing of wildfires and related disaster risk management challenges.

Is Forest Use in the Balearic Islands the Result of an Environmental Conscience?

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Map showing Balearic Islands location. Source: Grimalt;Rossello (submitted)

Map of forests in the balearic islands, 2006. LPAn essay on the Balearic Islands, located off the eastern coast of Spain. Nearly half of the islands are covered by forests. The author posits that an environmental conscience created by the social impact of urbanization effects in the Balearic Islands has led to a protection movement and the preservation of a great area of forests.