Veteran Landsat 5 Mission Suspended

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Landsat 5 Satellite. Credit: USGS

Landsat 5 Satellite. Credit: USGSLandsat 5’s 28th birthday this year was marked by a suspension in operations while the USGS Flight Operations Team “continues to investigate options for the resumption of imaging.” Landsat 5’s operations were originally halted in November 2011 due to a rapidly degrading electronic component.

Progress of Galileo’s Sensor Stations

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Drawing of the Galileo satellite. credit ESA

Drawing of the Galileo satellite. credit ESAAn ESA Galileo sensor station has been installed and tested at the Kerguelen Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Galileo global network system continues to set up ground-based systems worldwide in the loneliest locations, with an upcoming station to be completed at Norway’s Jan Mayen Island.

GEOSS for Biodiversity

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Snapshot of an owl's face from the GEOSS video

Snapshot of an owl's face from the GEOSS videoA new video describes the role of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure in supporting policy and research related to biodiversity. Developed by the EuroGEOSS Project, the 8-minute video shows an example of using global data and models available on the web to identify unique African habitats that are in need of protection.