A Sea Star Epidemic Meets Its Match

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Scientists seek to learn why a parovirus present in sea stars since 1942 has become so virulent in recent years. In 1969, ecologist Robert Paine coined the term “keystone species,” in reference to the sea star species Pisaster ochraceus. His experiments, which involved removing coastal sea stars from the ecosystem, caused die-offs, overgrowth, or emigration in surrounding species such as … Read More

Calling Inquiring Minds: Citizen Science Association Hosts 2015 Conference

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Opportunities for learning, networking, and connecting are the focus of the upcoming Citizen Science 2015 conference. This Citizen Science Association event will take place Feb. 11-12 in San Jose, California. Participants on every side of citizen science, from research coordination to volunteering, are invited to join the conversation.

11th GEO Plenary to Take Place in Geneva

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Moved from Gabon to Switzerland, the GEO-XI Plenary is still scheduled to take place Nov. 13-14. Topics covered in the associated side events include everything from technology development to forest observation and water issues. For on-the-ground coverage, keep your eyes out for a blog from Osha Gray Davidson.