Where Do Fish Like to Spawn?

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Where do fish like to spawn? Dr. Lorenzo Ciannelli of Oregon State University says the answers are complex, but could help us to understand and make more accurate predictions about the impact of climate change on fish and their spawning patterns.

5th Digital Earth Summit Planned for Japan

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The 5th Biennial Digital Earth Summit will be held in November in Nagoya, Japan. As an offshoot of the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, the focus of the summit will be on how digital Earth technologies can be used to address sustainability education and other global issues.

Rise of the Hackathon

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Education and problem-solving benefit from the increasing use of hackathons, which are multi-day collaborative coding events. Popular among students, hackathons also have been put to use to tackle big data and sustainability.

Book Review: A Conversation about ‘Connection’

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Earthzine Science Writer Elise Osenga and Editor-in-Chief Paul Racette connect in reviewing “Connection: Hollywood Storytelling Meets Critical Thinking.” The book tells how stories can be used to connect with audiences. But can stories help scientists get the word out about their research?