Gone with the Ice: The Svalbardian Polar Bears’ Ultimatum

EarthzineOriginal, St. Georges School 2016

By Alejandra Arango, Juan Pablo Coronado, Gabriela Garavito, Isabella García, Andrés Muñoz, Juliana Sánchez Editor’s note: This poster is one of three selected from projects done by senior students at St. George’s School in Bogotá, Colombia. This investigation encompasses the impact of a warming Arctic on the life of the Svalbardian polar bear. Evidenced are the coerced alterations to the migratory, nutritional … Read More

A Martyr for the Conservation of Hydrological Resources

EarthzineOriginal, St. George's School, St. Georges School 2016

ByåÊSofÌ_a CortÌ©s TascÌ_n, Juanita Rivera Mera, MarÌ_a Alejandra Santana JimÌ©nez, Mariana Guevara HernÌÁndez, NicolÌÁs VÌÁsquez GuzmÌÁn, Juan SebastiÌÁn Giraldo RodrÌ_guez, Santiago Torres Paz Editor’s note:åÊThis poster is one of three selected from projects done by senioråÊstudents at St. George’s School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia. The desiccation of the Aral Sea is considered one of the greatest episodes of desertification of freshwater … Read More

Leatherback Sea Turtles

EarthzineOriginal, St. George's School

The issues treated throughout the investigation root from the eminent danger of global warming, and analyses of several aspects of it, such as the loss of the polar ice caps, coastline erosion, and the changes in precipitation indexes. Then, the project focuses on the consequences inflicted on leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys Coriacea) by the major changes on their environment.

‘Ecosystems Around the World’ is focus for Colombian Student Projects

EarthzineOriginal, St. George's School 2013 VPS

Seniors gather to reflect during the kickoff of the ecosystems poster project. Image Credit: Maria Carolina Rojas.Scientific posters on Ecosystems, one of the Societal Benefit Areas from the Global Earth Observation System of Systems, are featured here. The posters were created by high school-aged students at St. George’s School in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of a literature review project to identify an ecosystem somewhere in the world with a current problem that could be addressed through Earth observation tools and technology.

‘Ecosistemas alrededor del mundo’ es el enfoque para proyecto de estudiantes colombianos

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Por segundo año consecutivo, estudiantes de último año del Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra en Bogotá, Colombia, han participado en el proyecto llamado “Observación de la Tierra: Ciencia desde otra perspectiva.” Todos los cincuenta y cinco estudiantes, organizados en nueve grupos, se enfocaron en los Ecosistemas, que es una de las Áreas de Beneficio Social. El resultado de esta propuesta … Read More