The Possible End of the Aral Sea

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Seniors gather to reflect during the kickoff of the ecosystems poster project. Image Credit: Maria Carolina Rojas.

Cropped part of the Aral Sea poster. Credit: St. George's  SchoolSince the government of the Soviet Union decided to change the course of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers for irrigation in the 1960s, the Aral sea has shrunk rapidly, becoming one of the worst ecological tragedies of the last century. The shrinking of the Aral Sea has caused a lot of problems in the ecosystem. It has reduced its area by about 90 percent, and a lot of species have died. Everything occurred because of political decisions in changing the river course for irrigation.

Colombian Students Shine Spotlight on Societal Benefit Areas

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St. George's School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia logoThe Earth Observation Poster Project at St. George’s School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia, began as an in-depth reading initiative with the idea of having 11th grade students (the final year of high school) read about Earth observation technology and participate in an online videoconference with Earthzine Editor-in-Chief Paul Racette to enhance their reading experience.