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The Ethics of Traditional Knowledge Exchange in Climate Change Initiatives

An essay exploring the ethical philosophy behind Guidelines for Considering Traditional Knowledges in Climate Change Initiatives.

Remote Drought Monitoring in the Navajo Nation: Utilizing NASA Earth Observation Data

Drought monitoring is essential in the management of water resources, especially in underserved and arid areas such as the Navajo Nation. The DEVELOP team at the NASA Ames Research Center examined methods for calculating Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) values in the Nation using NASA Earth observation data in ArcGIS.

How Winegrowers from Rheinhessen and Cognac Cope with Climate Change

Over the last two millennia wine growers in Europe faced considerable climate changes. But wine is still produced, will the culture of wine continue in the face of climate change? Will the cultivated areas be the same?

Considering Gender Roles and Intercultural Immersion for Water Infrastructure Projects in Indigenous Communities

Maria Teresa Gutierrez, of the International Labor Organization, gives an inside look at the South-South Cooperation Case Study involving water management and sanitation in indigenous and dispersed rural communities of Latin America.

National Congress of American Indians and Google Partner to Map Tribal Lands

Since 2012, Google has been working with the National Congress of the American Indians (NCAI) to update Google Maps to accurately reflect the location and boundaries of American Indian reservations in the United States.

Why Indigenous Voices Matter

Peoples of the Arctic hunted polar bears, using their fur and flesh for clothing and food, and weave the creatures throughout their cultural narratives. Bear populations are now declining as a result of environmental changes. Image Credit: Susanne Miller, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Native voices are important. Our lifeways are tied to local surroundings, making us the first environmental refugees, and our cultural stories have embraced sustainability long before the term entered public discourse. To add your voice, consider a submission to an Earthzine theme about Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Change.

How a Google Engineer, 66,000 Computers, and a Brazilian Tribe Made a Difference in How We View the Earth

Frustrated by a proposal to log in her neighborhood, a Google engineer and her team used emerging mapping technology to design a powerful processing platform, which now aids conservation efforts and strengthens the preservation of indigenous lands around the world.

Call for Papers: Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Change

Download call for papers. 2015 Quarterly Theme, Issue 1 Submissions accepted now through March 19, 2015 is an online scientific journal sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). We are looking for feature stories, opinion pieces, research articles, news, and more for a special issue devoted to the theme of “Indigenous […]