Georgia Water Resources: Groundwater Storage Change and Contamination Risks

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The southeastern U.S. is experiencing groundwater decline, and the local geology in southeast Georgia has increased the risk of groundwater contamination, according to research from a NASA DEVELOP team. At the University of Georgia, a team of young scientists discovered that their region’s geology and contamination patterns can predict where pollution may affect groundwater, holding clues for the future of … Read More

Investigating Groundwater in Montana Informs State Water Policy Decisions

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The Ground Water Investigation Program at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology seeks to provide answers to communities about the status of local groundwater. This article was updated on March 1st, 2016. As in many western states, officials in Montana have long been concerned with water. Montana’s landmass is the size of Japan, and the hydrogeology of the state … Read More

Groundwater Mapping and Investigations in the U.S. Help Decision-Makers Better Understand Water Resources

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In Georgia, California, and Montana, groundwater research helps leaders make data-driven decisions about water management. Earthzine’s February 2016 monthly focus topic centers on mapping and investigating groundwater. Humans have been drilling and using wells for centuries, but it’s only recently we’re beginning to understand how groundwater systems interact with surfacewater and stormwater, as well as functioning as an integral aspect … Read More