Web Services for Forest Data, Analysis and Monitoring: Developments from EuroGEOSS

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Screenshot from the Eurogeoss web map viewer

Screenshot from the Eurogeoss web map viewerImproving web-based forest analysis and modeling tools is key to sharing accurate and up-to-date knowledge. But as the methods for sharing increase, so too must the desire for preventing model-based errors and a dependence on one technology. As is the case in many scenarios, a multi-disciplinary approach is best.

Pan-European Forest Maps Derived from Optical Satellite Imagery

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Map showing JRC Forest Map 2000. Source: EC-JRC ‰ÛÒ FRC Unit.

Map showing JRC Forest Map 2006. Source: EC-JRC ‰ÛÒ FRC Unit.There is an increasing need for timely, accurate information on the spatial distribution and composition of forest resources. The use of eForest platform as a reference dataset is a new and unique development in the assessment of large-scale, continental forest maps, representing the first attempt to harmonize the data from Member States National Forest Inventories.

The Changing California Coast: Relationships Between Climatic Variables and Coastal Vegetation Succession

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Study area, four counties along the central California coast.

Vegetation classification of the study area in 2010.Understanding patterns of vegetation change and related climatic factors are critical, especially in light of future climate change projections that could profoundly alter vegetation patterns and processes. A recent NASA Applied Sciences DEVELOP project focused on the use of the Landsat-5 TM satellite images to assess the general vegetation distribution pattern and areas of vegetation change along the California coast from 1985-2010.

Reporting on European Forest Fragmentation: Standardized Indices and Web Map Services

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Christine Estreguil1, Giovanni Caudullo1, Daniele de Rigo1,2, Ceri Whitmore1, Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz1 (1) Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Forest Resources and Climate Unit, T.P.261, 21020 Ispra (VA), Italy, christine.estreguil@jrc.ec.europa.eu, giovanni.caudullo@ext.jrc.ec.europa.eu, daniele.de-rigo@jrc.ec.europa.eu, ceri whitmore, jesus.san-miguel@jrc.ec.europa.eu (2) Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Via Ponzio 34/5, 20133 Milano, Italy, derigo@elet.polimi.it ABSTRACT This paper responds to the need for improved reporting … Read More

Is Forest Use in the Balearic Islands the Result of an Environmental Conscience?

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Map showing Balearic Islands location. Source: Grimalt;Rossello (submitted)

Map of forests in the balearic islands, 2006. LPAn essay on the Balearic Islands, located off the eastern coast of Spain. Nearly half of the islands are covered by forests. The author posits that an environmental conscience created by the social impact of urbanization effects in the Balearic Islands has led to a protection movement and the preservation of a great area of forests.

Teaming Drought with Wildfires: EU Researchers Suggest New Data for Forest Weather Index

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ASTER image acquired September 4 over the western coast of the Peloponnesus Peninsula. In the Bands 6-3-1 composite, burned areas appear in dark red, and unburned vegetation is green. Credit: NASA/GSFC/METI/Japan Space Systems, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team.

A photo of a post-forest fire pine plantation (Mediterranean forest) taken in 2005, in Sestri, Genova. Credit: Dr. Andrea Camia (EC-JRC) .The European Commission has created a web-based fire warning and assessment portal known as the European Forest Fires Information System, or EFFIS. The site provides comprehensive forest fire information aimed at a wide audience in all 27 European Union member states. Researchers are now exploring the integration of drought data as an improvement.

Observing Forest Biomass Globally

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Figure showing the architecture of Geo-Wiki.

Cropped satellite image of clouds over a waterway.As the number of quality spatial resolution images available on Google Earth increases, so to does the possibility that every Internet user can help distinguish land cover features with a high degree of reliability. Such an approach, as seen in the Biomass Geo.Wiki tool, is inexpensive and allows Internet users from anywhere in the world to become involved in this global validation exercise.

Improving Access, Utility and Analyses of FAO Forestry Statistics via Geographic Web-based Services

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Map showing the location of 13066 sample site of the RSS.

Cropped screenshot showing an example of forest area as percentage of total country area for year 2000 globally.Forestry statistics and metadata compiled from the Global Forest Resources Assessment and global remote sensing survey can be used for many things, including as support for the formulation of forest policies. Still, work needs to be done in order to improve the access and usability of data in order for it to be used to its maximum potential.