Satellite Monitoring of Urbanization in China for Sustainable Development: The Dragon ‘Urbanization’ Project

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Image of the study areas from Google Earth.

Original HJ-1B image of Bejoing, and LU/LC classifications of HJ-1B (UR), ASAR (BL) and fusion of ASAR & HJ-1B data (BR).The rate of Chinese urbanization is one of the fastest on Earth. A project funded by the European Space Agency and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China under the Dragon II framework is developing tools to use European and Chinese Earth observation data for urban environmental monitoring in Jing-Jin-Ji, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta.

Urban Monitoring Theme

PaoloOriginal, Urban Monitoring Theme

Articles published for Earthzine’s Urban Monitoring theme (June 21-Sept. 22, 2011) explore a variety of issues related to urbanization. Topics of focus for this theme include how Earth Observation technologies have contributed to our understanding of the impacts of rapid urbanization, the impacts of urbanization on climate change (and vice versa), and the current capacity and projected need for urban monitoring technologies.