Winner Announcement: NASA DEVELOP Summer 2015 Virtual Poster Session

This page was updated on August 28, 2015 to include Final Round information.

DEVELOP participants and Earth imagery.

DEVELOP participants and Earth imagery. Center: Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania (Landsat 8 OLI). Image Credit: NASA DEVELOP/Chris McKeel

After two rounds of judging, a grand-prize winner has been selected for the 2015 summer Virtual Poster Session (VPS) contributed by NASA’s DEVELOP National Program. The contest included 38 projects conducted by 175 participants across 15 DEVELOP locations.

The grand prize goes to “There’s Not a Lot of Ocelots: The Search for an Endangered Feline,” conducted by a team of four participants at DEVELOP’s location at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. The project used remote sensing to study ocelot habitats in southern portions of Texas and Arizona.


Texas and Arizona Ecological Forecasting Team, (L to R) Kaushik Narasimhan, Christina Fischer, Amberle Keith, and Daryl Ann Winstead.

“These virtual posters creatively communicate the real, practical applications of the work the teams have accomplished and the strength of the end-user partnerships,” said Nathan Owen, a DEVELOP alum who now works for the National Weather Service (an arm of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The virtual posters were scored by an 18-member panel based on content clarity, scientific merit, substantial dialogue, and creativity. The winning Texas and Arizona Ecological Forecasting team scored highest among six teams who won best-in-category honors in the first round of judging. More than 60 comments were made on the project, in a blogging portion of the competition.

Each member of the winning team will receive a one-year trial version of ArcGIS software, furnished by competition sponsor Esri. The company creates geospatial and Geographic Information System (GIS) software that can incorporate NASA remote-sensing data.

Thanks to all the teams, Earthzine readers and Esri for participating in the VPS.

For more information about DEVELOP, visit the DEVELOP website.

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