DEVELOP’s HIVE Keeping Up-To-Date with Ever-Changing Technology

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Image of the HIVE

Image of the HIVE

The HIVE team has created several visuals of possible physical upgrades to incorporate into the visualization system. The image above is the covered HIVE-ORBIT (Highly-portable Immersive Virtual Environment – Ocular Radiant Blackout In Tent), a tent enclosure that will enable the team to present the HIVE at any venue regardless of light factors.

Team Location: Langley Research Center
Authors: Jasmine Walker, Nathan Walker, Michael Linsinbigler
Science Advisors/Mentors: Lauren Childs, Jamie Favors
Past Authors/Contributors: Jim Farmer, Matei Bivolaru, Jeremiah Dunn, Shawn Martin
Abstract: The Highly-portable Immersive Virtual Environment (HIVE) uses stereographic shutter glasses to create a 3D environment to display various models or complex information. The design allows for easy disassembly and transportation to bring its visualizations wherever they are needed. The primary focus of the HIVE team during the Spring 2012 term was to perform several upgrades to the HIVE’s current implementation of the Microsoft Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK). After the release of the full commercial version of the SDK, it became necessary for the team to migrate its previous programs from the beta SDK version. The new SDK includes several updates, such as improved skeletal tracking and speech recognition. The HIVE team will apply these upgrades into future visualizations created for DEVELOP teams and partners.

Video transcript available here.