Earthzine and Earth Observations in 2016

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What to expect at Earthzine and in Earth Observations in 2016.

Expect increased oceans coverage by Earthzine in 2016. Image Credit: Joseph Barrientos

Expect increased oceans coverage by Earthzine in 2016. Image Credit: Joseph Barrientos

As the first month of 2016 nears its end, Earthzine is excited to announce the first monthly mini-theme of the year: Earth Observations in 2016.

This mini-theme includes updates from two of Earthzine’s professional development competitions, Virtual Poster Sessions and the Writing Club. It also includes articles on what to expect this year from the Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative (GEOGLAM), along with Esri, the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and Earth Science Week.

Earthzine is happy to strengthen our affiliationåÊwith IEEE’s Oceanic Engineering Society (OES). Look for top-notch oceans coverage this year.

Our four comprehensive quarterly themes for 2016 are the current Socioeconomic Benefits theme, and future themes on Ocean Stewardship, Women in STEM, and Satellite Systems. We are wrapping up the first theme now, and expect to release a call for papers for the second theme soon.

Our monthly mini-themes for the rest of the year offer looks at a variety of issues:

  • February: Groundwater Mapping and Investigations
  • March: Weather – Modeling Super Storms
  • April: Earth Day
  • May: International Year of the Pulses
  • June: GEO/GEOSS
  • July: Fire Risk Analysis/Tracking Fire Recovery
  • August: Writing Club – Bodies of Water
  • September: OES Oceans ’16
  • October: Health Monitoring Systems
  • November: Food Security
  • December: Essays on Hope.

We welcome submissions to both quarterly and mini-themes. Contact Science Editor Kelley Christensen at with submission ideas.

Finally, we’ve included a round-up of conferences to mark on your calendar in 2016:

Feb. 8-11: Future Earth session at AMOS/ARCCSS National Conference 2016, Melbourne

Feb. 21-26: AGU 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting; New Orleans, United States

Feb. 26-28: GEO BON IPBES-4 Plenary Session; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 10-11: Geo Value Conference; Paris, France

March 15-17: GEOGLAM International Crop Modeling Symposium; Berlin, Germany

March 17-18: One Health for the Real World; London, England

April 10-14: OES Oceans ’16; Shanghai, China

May 6: The Ocean in a High-CO2 World Symposium; Hobart, Australia

Sept. 19-23: OES Oceans ’16; Monterey, United States.

Let us know if we’ve missed any upcoming events, or you’d like yours added to our Events page by contacting Managing Editor Jeff Kart at

Earthzine thanks you for your continued readership and support of this publication and wishes you a happy and productive 2016.