Earthzine Suspends Operations as Racette Steps Down and OES seeks new EiC


new full moon nasa mountains

From our April 16, 2018, New Moon Newsletter:

new full moon nasa mountains

Image Credit: NASA

At the end of April, Earthzine will (temporarily) cease publishing. Earthzine operates under the auspices of the IEEE Oceanic and Engineering Society. The OES has decided to chart a new course for Earthzine that more closely aligns with the interests of the society and uses only volunteers. At this juncture, I step down as Editor in Chief (EiC). Managing Editor Jeff Kart and Science Editor Jenny Woodman’s staff appointments end April 30.

I am humbled by the generous support, exceptional talent and commitment of scores of volunteers, authors, reviewers, editors, stakeholders and staff who have contributed to Earthzine in 10+ years of publishing.  Over these years Earthzine has received monetary and in-kind support from IEEE, IEEE Foundation, IEEE OES, GEO Member States and Participating Organizations, NASA Applied Sciences Program, NASA DEVELOP, NASA Earth Science Technology Office, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Northrop Grumman Corp., XPRIZE, Esri, and individual donors. Thank you all!

Earthzine was founded on the premise that awareness is inextricably linked to observation. By observing the Earth, society can make an informed response to rapid changes occurring in Earth’s environment. To that end, we can be proud of Earthzine’s contribution to fostering Earth observation and raising global awareness.

Over the next several months, the OES will develop a new strategic plan and recruit volunteers to take over operations. OES seeks an Editor in Chief to lead this effort. It’s a terrific opportunity to grow personally and professionally! If you are interested in either volunteering or applying for the EiC, please contact Jim Collins.

Best wishes,

Paul Racette, DSc
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Co-founder and former Editor in Chief