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Earthzine's consecutive fifth year of live coverage at OCEANS will continue in Seattle beginning October 27th, 2019.

Hari Vishnu, Editor, Earthzine

October 24, 2019

Want to stay updated with the latest stories from one of the largest gatherings of leading global innovators, analysts, and producers of marine technology, research, and education ?

Want to know what happened at the OCEANS conference, but unable to make it for the event ?

Worry not. We have your back, at Earthzine.

Earlier this year, Earthzine kickstarted its activities, covering the Europe segment of the OCEANS conference at Marseille with articles covering the workshops, panel discussions and technical sessions at the event. Our social media reporters gave live updates via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels about the ongoings at the conference. And we will continue more of the good work at Seattle.

The theme at the OCEANS 2019 Seattle conference is "Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Blue Tech".

Apt indeed. OCEANS is the ideal place to get the latest updates in Ocean sciences, and to discover how ocean science research can be evolved into the right technologies required to monitor, analyze, utilize and protect the ocean.

The event runs from October 27-31st, 2019, and is sponsored by the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES). It will include tutorials, workshops, technical demonstrations, townhalls, paper presentations, and panel discussions. These will bring together academics, industrialists, policy-makers, students, young-professionals and leaders to discuss together in a common forum. OCEANS will be a catalyst for turning scientific ideas and insights into technology, policy and action.

Plenary talks at OCEANS span three days at the conference, and the speakers will include


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"Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Blue Tech"

- OCEANS 2019 Seattle

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oceans 17 logo

The MTS/IEEE Oceans 17 Anchorage conference ran from Sept. 18-21. Image Credit: Oceans 17

OCEANS Seattle provides plenty of opportunities for Students.

Gala banquet: Casa Delauze in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gala banquet at Oceans Marseille was held at Casa Delauze in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • “Adopt-A-Student”: This mentoring Program allows students access to mentorship from some outstanding mentors. Build your network and learn more about the industry by being matched with an experienced professional at the conference. 
  • “Vendor Walk-Around” session  is arranged to gives a walk-about tour to the attendees. Several of our vendors and exhibitors attending the conference will lead small groups of students on tours of the exhibit hall. These student tours will give you a personal introduction to the companies that are in attendance, and offer you some insight into how various sectors of the industry work.
  • Student mixer: Students will have the opportunity to meet other students in a special Student Social event on Sunday evening. For students who wish to present their work in a competitive session leading to awards and publication, the Student Poster Competition provides an excellent opportunity to obtain funding for travel and exposure at this conference.

Young professionals will have plenty of opportunities at the conference as well. A team of YPs and students helped judge the posters at the Student Poster competition at Marseille. A similar format will be followed at OCEANS Seattle.

A Young professionals meet-up is planned for Wednesday, 12 - 1:30 pm. To know what transpired at the YP meetup at Marseille, you can read this report.

Two townhall sessions on Tuesday : Federal Strategic vision for Ocean observing and Marine debris, will feature a wider scale discussion on these topics.

A Women-in-Engineering (WIE) breakfast gathering is planned on Tuesday morning. At this gathering, you can learn how three female leaders in the oceans sector got started, stayed the course, and succeeded in a still-male-dominated technology sector of ocean sciences and engineering. The speakers include

  • Veronica Lance (Program Scientist, NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch/PolarWatch and Visiting Research Scientist at the University of Maryland’s CMNS-Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center),
  • Niru Somayajula (President and CEO, Sensor technology ltd., Canada),
  • Shelly Leighton (Chair and Instructor, Ocean Mapping Program, School of Ocean Technology, Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University)

SPC participants along with Gaultier Real (local SPC chair; top row, left), Shyam Madhusudhana (OES SPC chair; top row, middle) and Vincent Rigaud (Ifremer; top row, right).

SPC participants at OCEANS Marseille along with Gaultier Real (local SPC chair; top row, left), Shyam Madhusudhana (OES SPC chair; top row, middle) and Vincent Rigaud (Ifremer; top row, right).

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