Finalists for the 2009 Student Essay Competition Sustainability through Earth Observation and Engineering

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Earthzine’s 2009 Student Essay Competition has been a tremendous success so far! The quality of essays submitted truly reflects the international scope of Earthzine, and a global recognition of the importance and timeliness of Sustainability through Earth Observation and Engineering! We received essays from around the world from students who discussed issues like marine ecosystems, environmental exploitation, human ecology, and ecological activism.

Now it’s the readers’ turn to be involved in the student essay contest. We’ve posted the top seven essays as determined by a panel of judges. The authors will lead a blog about their essay, and they’ll be asking questions and making comments about the other essays as well. The blogging will take place between November 15th and December 15th. It’s up to Earthzine readers like you to ask questions of the authors, make comments about the essays, and to build blogs that really help the student authors explain and expound on their essays. Let’s all join in and support these terrific students in the final stage of the 2009 Student Essay Competition!

Dave Mullins

Associate Editor for Education