Land Sliding, Food Security, community concern and Changed Agro Land Pattern

EarthzineDEVELOP Fall 2014 VPS, DEVELOP Virtual Poster Session, Original

Project Team: Pakistan Disasters Team

Team Location: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Gilgit, Pakistan & Kathmandu, Nepal

3D model showing land and houses flooded during the 2010 Attabad Lake Disaster.

3D model showing land and houses flooded during the 2010 Attabad Lake Disaster.


David Nhemaphuki

Raja Akhtar

Ruby Adhikari

Shuja ul Hassan

Gul Sanam

Naseem Bibi


Sebastian Wesselman, (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development)

Faisal Mueen Qamer, (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development)

Syed Najam Hassan (Karakoram International University)

Kel Markert (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)

Kenton Ross (NASA DEVELOP National Science Advisor)


The project assessed the impact of the Attabad Lake landslide disaster on agricultural land cover patterns and associated food security in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Essentially, this involved agricultural land cover maps, change detection maps, Geographic Information Systems-based analysis of Landsat imagery and statistical analysis of survey questionnaires to demonstrate the impact of the disaster on livelihood of people in the region. This research also aimed to describe and analyze the changed food security situation that affected the local population due to the landslide. The findings of this study can be used to assist the concerned government authority and regional stakeholders to alert the general public about the risk of future hazards, as well as inform preparedness and mitigation measures to minimize damage during future landslide events.


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