Mars Image Viewer: User Needs Analysis

EarthzineOriginal, URC Virtual Poster Session

Photo of intern Kevin J Monk. Credit: URC

Photo of intern Kevin J Monk. Credit: URC

Image Credit: URC

Student: Kevin J. Monk II

California State University, Long Beach

Major: Human Factors Psychology

Degree Level: Master of Science

Internship Site: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

Mentor: Elias Sayfi

Abstract: The Advanced Multimission Operations System (AMMOS) offers missions operations tools and services to deep space missions that are reliable and cost-effective. The Instrument Operations Subsystem (IOS) of AMMOS deals with the processing of data from space, and provides tools to orbiters and observatories for tactical operations related to image processing and instrument design. Tools such as the Mars Image Viewer (MIV) are required from low-volume, relatively simple missions to high-volume, complex missions. Primary users of the MIV were observed in their workspace and surveyed. Secondary users were also queried on their interest in and the usability of the tool. The interaction between the MIV and its current/potential users were analyzed in order to define requirements and ensure that it adequately fit the needs of the users in ways that enable them to reach their goals with optimal efficiency. Recommendations were provided for the MIV users’ manual to further cater to the standpoint of the novice user.

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