Measured Response to UAS Pilot Commands

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Photo of a smiling Jason Ziccardi. Image Credit: URC

Photo of a smiling Jason Ziccardi. Image Credit: URC

Image Credit: URC

Student: Jason Ziccardi

California State University, Long Beach

Major: Human Factors Psychology

Degree Level: Master of Science

Internship Site: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California

Mentor: Dr. Walter Johnson

Abstract: Using a simulated air traffic environment, this study measured the response time, execution time, and general behavior of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots in response to direct commands from air traffic controllers. Data was collected from eight participant UAV pilots who were asked to respond to and execute ATC commands as quickly as possible. Quick responses to ATC commands are one factor essential for UAVs to operate safely with manned aircraft and this measured response data contributes to the knowledge base necessary to fully integrate unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace in the near future. (This project was co-authored by Jason Ziccardi andåÊZachary Roberts).

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