Principles in Avoiding Design Errors and Facets of Engineering a Total System

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Photo of Zenia Garcia

Image Credit: URC

Student: Zenia Garcia

University of Texas at El Paso

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Degree Level: Master of Science

Internship Site: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Mentor: Kevin Pedersen

Abstract: Serving another term as a cooperative program student at Marshall Space Flight Center, my tasks were largely varied within the EV32 Structural and Mechanical Design Branch. Within the branch, I helped provide structural and mechanical design support including: specialized engineering, technical assistance, program support, model and CAD packages for structural/mechanical component systems’ design, and development for spacecraft and vehicle systems. During this time I worked on efforts and projects that are proprietary and data sensitive and therefore not listed in detail here. Aside from these activities, I was being prepared for follow-on work and had to take course training and Preliminary Development Flight Instrumentation modeling as listed.

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