Promoting Volunteered Geographic Information to Solve Real-World Problems: A Pre-conference Workshop at GIScience 2014

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The 8th Annual International Conference on Geographic Information Science will be held this September in Vienna.

In acknowledgement of the increasing role of citizen science in contributing to geographic research, this year’s 8th Annual International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience) will again occur in conjunction with a day-long workshop on VGI (volunteered geographic information), building upon successful editions associated with two prior GIScience conferences.

The GIScience 2014 conference will be held from Sept. 24-26 in Vienna, Austria, and will focus on timely, fundamental research on themes and questions within geographic information science.

GIScience Logo. Image Credit:

GIScience Logo. Image Credit:

A preceding workshop, ‰ÛÏThe Role of Volunteered Geographic Information in Advancing Science: Effective Utilization,‰Û will take place on Sept. 23.

Drawing from a wide spectrum of types of VGI, from small-scale citizen science to large, researcher-requested crowdsourcing, the workshop seeks to bring together professionals and Ph.D. students involved in research or application of geographic information. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss: best practices in acquisition, synthesis, integration, use, archiving, ownership, and ground-truthing; the place of VGI in workflow; and the synthesis of VGI in real-world applications.

The workshop will include poster sessions, keynote presentations, and short discussion papers. Topics include:

‰Û¢ Volunteered geographic information

‰Û¢ Utilization of VGI and crowdsourcing

‰Û¢ VGI collection, dissemination, and curation

‰Û¢ VGI life cycle and interoperability standards

‰Û¢ Spatiotemporal data mining

‰Û¢ Spatial model calibration, verification, and validation

‰Û¢ Practical applications of VGI in research and operation.

Individuals interested in participating in the workshop should submit a CV (curriculum vitae) and a short discussion paper that addresses a VGI-related research or a problem considered within the context of VGI.

Questions about paper submissions may be directed to Budhendra Bhaduri, Steffen Fritz, or Christoph Aubrecht.

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