AtlantOS: Who Will Know the Ocean?

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A new effort is getting underway to monitor and understand one of the least explored regions on Earth: the Atlantic Ocean, from pole-to-pole and from the surface waters to the bottom of the deepest trenches. Ocean researchers have learned much since the American biologist Rachel Carson observed in 1937: “Who has known the ocean? Neither you nor I.”  But, says … Read More

Supporting a Forest Observation System for Siberia: Earth Observation for Monitoring, Assessing and Providing Forest Resource Information

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he monitoring and assessment of the remote Russian forest resources of Siberia is challenging and can only be done by integrating remote sensing techniques. Human and environmental forest disturbances continuously affect changing forest cover and biomass levels. The ZAṔS initiative is prototyping and supporting a forest observation system for Siberia using Earth observation data from European and Russian satellite data providers.

Observing Forest Biomass Globally

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Figure showing the architecture of Geo-Wiki.

Cropped satellite image of clouds over a waterway.As the number of quality spatial resolution images available on Google Earth increases, so to does the possibility that every Internet user can help distinguish land cover features with a high degree of reliability. Such an approach, as seen in the Biomass Geo.Wiki tool, is inexpensive and allows Internet users from anywhere in the world to become involved in this global validation exercise.