An icy visitor

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Originally Published ESA- ESA’s space missions are getting ready to observe an icy visitor to the inner Solar System: Comet ISON, which might also be visible in the night sky later this year as a naked eye object.

How our galaxy might look from outside

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Originally Published by EarthSky – New research suggests that, as seen from the outside, the central bulge of our Milky Way galaxy shows up as a peanut-shaped glowing ball of stars, while the spiral arms and their associated dust clouds form a narrow band.

Dramatic view of moon and Venus coming up September 8

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moon and venus

Originally Published by EarthSky — Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 8, when there will be a very close pairing of the moon and Venus, especially as seen from the Americas. The moon and Venus will be seen from around the world, but, since the moon is moving in orbit around Earth, its distance from Venus on our sky’s dome will vary throughout that day.