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Texas Has a Successful Citizen Science Program for Detecting and Reporting Invasive Plant Species

The more trained eyes watching for invasive species, the better our chances of lessening or avoiding damage to our native landscape.

Dispatches from Oceans ‘16: Tech Startup Pushing Boundaries and Supporting Citizen Science

The OpenROV project, a tech startup that began in a garage in Cupertino in 2012, focuses on citizen science as a path to enhancing ocean observations.

Ocean Plastic Gets Cloudy

Debris floating in the ocean, seen from below
Plastic debris is collecting in the ocean, but the real threat to marine health is the plastic that can’t be measured. A new study of marine plastic found less than 1 percent of the detritus expected, prompting speculation that it is degrading into clouds of microparticles that cannot be recovered.

Citizens Observatories: Improving Socio-Economic Relations in the Context of Odor Nuisances

Odors are inevitably generated by human activities, such as industry, agro-business, and sewage plants). For neighbors, this creates discomfort that may be permanent, sometimes unacceptable. How can we turn potential conflict and dilemma of “job or comfort” into a “win-win” relationship?

Good Enough? Nichesourcing in Data Quality Assessment

Life isn’t simple when you deal with crowdsourced data. For a small, niche group of expert volunteers, it is possible to assess if the quality of data sourced from official national maps and volunteered geographic information (VGI) is “good enough” using a crowdsourcing approach.However, “good enough” is a tricky concept when the crowd has a known face and can influence you.