Ocean Plastic Gets Cloudy

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Debris floating in the ocean, seen from below

Plastic debris is collecting in the ocean, but the real threat to marine health is the plastic that can’t be measured. A new study of marine plastic found less than 1 percent of the detritus expected, prompting speculation that it is degrading into clouds of microparticles that cannot be recovered.

Good Enough? Nichesourcing in Data Quality Assessment

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Life isn’t simple when you deal with crowdsourced data. For a small, niche group of expert volunteers, it is possible to assess if the quality of data sourced from official national maps and volunteered geographic information (VGI) is ‰ÛÏgood enough‰Û using a crowdsourcing approach.However, ‰ÛÏgood enough‰Û is a tricky concept when the crowd has a known face and can influence you.

Calling Inquiring Minds: Citizen Science Association Hosts 2015 Conference

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Opportunities for learning, networking, and connecting are the focus of the upcoming Citizen Science 2015 conference. This Citizen Science Association event will take place Feb. 11-12 in San Jose, California. Participants on every side of citizen science, from research coordination to volunteering, are invited to join the conversation.

Connecting with Geoscience Systems: Earth Science Week 2014

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Earth Science Week 2014 will focus on the interconnectedness of Earth systems. The international event is celebrated from Oct. 12-18. Opportunities for involvement include student contests, local activities, and a citizen science initiative. Potential participants are encouraged to begin planning now.

5th Digital Earth Summit Planned for Japan

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The 5th Biennial Digital Earth Summit will be held in November in Nagoya, Japan. As an offshoot of the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, the focus of the summit will be on how digital Earth technologies can be used to address sustainability education and other global issues.