Mapping climate change in Google Earth


Originally Published by Google Earth Blog -MyReadingMapped has been doing some great work lately. A few days ago we showed you their collection of plane wrecks in Google Earth and not long before that was a great collection of sunken ships. Now they’re back with some interesting maps related to climate change, including one titled “The rise, fall, and migration of civilization due to climate change“.

Pause 'central' to climate report


Originally Published by The BBC- A 15-year slow down in temperature increases is said to be at the heart of a key report on climate change.

Sea ice shrinks to sixth lowest extent

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Originally Published by The Guardian – Melting sea ice near Ellesmere Island.Sea ice recovers from record low of 2012 but long-term trend continues towards an ice-free Arctic during the summer months..

The Fire Mappers

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Photo of buildings reflected in a puddle. Photo Credit: Till Westermayer


Climate change is contributing to larger wildfires and a longer fire season, making the need for near-real time and ultra-precise maps of fires more critical than ever. A team at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), in Boise, Idaho, (USA), is responding to that demand with new and better mapping technologies.

Study provides insights on protecting world's poor from climate change


Originally Published by ScienceDaily– The worst impacts of climate change on the world’s poorest fishing communities can likely be avoided by careful management of the local environment and investing in the diversification of options for local people, according to new research.

Research Cites Role of Warming in Extremes


Originally Published by NYT — In examining a dozen extreme weather events last year, scientists found evidence that human activity was a partial culprit in about half.